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Zebra Gk420d

Print Beautiful, Water-Resistant Labels With This Zebra GK420D Thermal Transfer Printer

The Zebra GK420D produces approximately 4-inch-sized labels and bar codes and is approximately 5 inches wide. The small desktop-sized printer is excellent for retail, healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing applications. Many options are available in this vast eBay collection.

How fast does this printer work?

The GK420D desktop printer is fairly fast. Its maximum speed is approximately 6 inches per second on a 4-inch-wide strip at 203 dpi. The Zebra GK420D would be a compact and efficient printer for a lab, shop, or home. This resolution amounts to approximately eight dots per millimeter, so you get professional resolution as well.

Is this a thermal transfer model or direct thermal model?

The Zebra GK420D is a direct thermal model, so it prints via a heating element directly onto the label rather than using ink or toner. Essentially, this means that the printer uses a heat-sensitive printing material rather than an additional thermal ribbon, as a thermal transfer printer would use. Direct thermal printing is an exclusively digital printing process which is widely known for being quieter than traditional printing. The paper is chemically changed to incorporate black or color printed items like barcodes for a waterproof, fade-resistant print job. Labels printed using this method are useful for objects that might go outside in light rain or experience a lot of handling. There are a number of affordable choices on eBay.

How does this printer receive files?

There are many ways to send files to the Zebra GK420D, a few of which are:

  • RS-232 Auto-Sensing Interface
  • USB with a V1.1 Port
  • Ethernet - This is set at 10/100. This can be used in combination with a USB and a Serial interface if you dont want to use a Parallel port.
  • Centronics Parallel - This is a type of ribbon connector and looks like a very large USB.
  • Wireless or Bluetooth 2.0 - Wireless is set at 802.11b/g. If you use Bluetooth 2.0, you can replace the Parallel port with an LCD display used with a USB and Serial interface.
What media sensor comes with the GK420D desktop printer?

This model comes standard with the fixed transmissive and reflective sensor. The transmissive sensor is an infrared sensor that works by opposing two infrared laser beams and measuring between them to sense an object. This means that no mechanical or electrical parts are involved in the sensing. The reflective sensor uses an infrared beam in conjunction with a photo detector. Between these two sensors you get accurate, fast printing from the Zebra GK420D.

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