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Yard, Garden & Outdoor  

Create Your Own Outdoor Sanctuary

You don?t have to go far to get away. Whether you?re redoing the patio, weeding, installing a hot tub or planting an herb garden for all your culinary needs, eBay has the garden and landscaping tools to help give you the yard you?ve always wanted. Peruse our giant selection of tools, furniture and decor to make your yard the best in the neighborhood.

Stock Up on Seeds and Live Plants

Thinks of eBay as your online yard and garden supply shop. We have plenty of seeds and live plants that you can order online, including grass seed. Plants and seeds will be packed and shipped safely to you. Of course, we have the garden tools, outdoor equipment and garden supplies available online to help you prep your soil for planting, too.

Keep Your Lawn Looking Lovely

Raking leaves and mowing grass are inevitable chores for any homeowner with a yard. Thank goodness eBay has all the leaf blowers and lawnmowers (and riding lawn mowers!) you?ll need to make lawn maintenance easier and more efficient. Plus, we have log splitters, chainsaws and spa or hot tub to make your yard the ultimate escape. Nothing is better than running across a frozen deck to jump into a warm, bubbly outdoor spa, situated perfectly under the stars. Grab a glass of your favorite drink and toast to your new favorite spot, thanks to eBay?s ability to ship?yes, ship?your new hot tub complete with cover.

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