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Yanagisawa Alto Saxophones

How to Choose a Yanagisawa Alto Saxophone

The alto saxophone is responsible for some of the 20th centurys most notable music, ranging from the inventive jazz melodies of Charlie Parker to the classical vibrato of Marcel Mule. To follow in their footsteps, aspiring saxophone players need the right instrument. Yanagisawa designs alto saxophones suitable for students and experts.

What distinguishes the alto saxophone from other saxophone varieties?

For the beginner musician, it can be hard to choose an instrument in the saxophone family. Options include the alto, tenor, baritone, and soprano, and each of these woodwind instruments has its distinct benefits. The reasonably priced Yanagisawa alto saxophones on eBay are known for the following features:

  • Compact key layout: The key layout of this alto saxophone is comparatively lean, which makes the alto a popular choice for beginning players.
  • Range: The altos range is two-and-a-half steps higher than the tenors range, and its well-suited to classical compositions, orchestral compositions, and jazz.
What alto saxophones are available from Yanagisawa?

The brand offers the following saxophone models:

  • A-WO37 (Silver Sonic): Designed for professional players, this instrument has silver body tubing, an ebonite mouthpiece, and a high-F# key.
  • A-WO20: Equipped with bronze body tubing and an ebonite mouthpiece, this model is known for delivering a rich palette of tones and sounds.
  • A-WO2: This saxophone, which has bronze body tubing, comes with features like pointed pivot screws and mother-of-pearl touches.
  • A-WO10: The A-WO10 model delivers consistency and full-bodied sound. It has brass body tubing and comes in several finishes.
  • A-WO1: This is the brands basic professional model.
What are the distinguishing features of Yanagisawa saxophones?

New and used Yanagisawa saxophones are available on eBay. Their distinguishing features are:

  • Fluororesin-sleeved octave rocker: This design helps to minimize lost motion, which can be caused by friction between the rocker and the surrounding sleeves.
  • Key linkages: By placing key linkages between several table keys, musicians can achieve fast fingering technique and smooth transitions.
  • Adjustable vibration-dampening bar: Certain keys are prone to sympathetic vibrations, which can destabilize sound quality. This bar dampens vibrations, thus improving the quality of low-register notes.
  • Tone boosters: The brands alto saxophones are equipped with metal tone boosters, which help to improve clarity of tone.
  • Tri-point brace: To achieve optimal resonance, musicians need instruments that stay stable throughout the performance. The tri-point bell-bow brace helps to stabilize saxophones.
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