Women's Ball Gown Dresses

Womens Ball Gown Dresses

A ball gown is a type of womens dress usually worn for a formal event, such as Prom are a military ball. Also known as an evening, evening dress, or simply a gown, these dresses can be anywhere from tea- to full-length. Ball gowns also vary in style and material, with lace, satin, and tulle all being fairly common options.

What is a ball gown/dress?

A gown dress, or a ball gown, is more formal than other styles of dresses. In fact, it is considered the most formal type of female attire, appropriate for elegant, "white-tie" events. Traditionally, ball gowns have a full-skirt that reaches the floor and are made of a luxurious material, which may be uncommon in everyday wear. However, the phrase "ball gown" now encompasses gowns of a variety of lengths, styles, and materials.

How do you choose a ball gown?
  • Usage: Ball gowns can be worn to many different formal events u001a such as weddings, proms, and military balls u001a which may take place in any season. You should choose a dress that will be appropriate for your event. For example, a lighter material like satin may be perfect for a summer beach wedding but too cold for a ball in the winter.
  • Material: Ball gowns can be made of many materials and can frequently be a combination. Some, like satin, are thin and will drape while others, like tulle, are coarse and will hold their shape well.
  • Silhouette: The silhouette of a dress refers to its shape. A classic ball gown has a full, long skirt u001a often made of tulle u001a and a tight-fitted bodice. Other options include mermaid u001a which is fitted through the bodice and hips, flaring out around the knees u001a and the sheath, which does not flare out at all.
  • Neckline: Strapless gowns will often feature a sweetheart neckline, which has a small dip in the center, or a straight neckline. Dresses with sleeves may have anything from a more modest high-neck to a deep-V plunge.
  • Embellishment: While some ball gowns are un-embellished, most are decorated in some manner. Beaded bodices or tulle skirts adorned with sequins are common for Quinceanera and prom dresses. Lace appliques can also be used, for those who do not like the look of a full lace dress.
  • Length: Short gowns of tea- and mid-length are best suited towards events during the warmer months of the year. These are sometimes considered less formal than full-length gowns and may not be appropriate for certain, very formal events. Full-length dresses, on the other hand, are often warmer, especially if they have sleeves, but may be more difficult to move and dance in.
  • Size: The two key measurements for sizing a ball gown are the bust and the hips. Gowns often have a tight-fit through the bust and/or hips, so accurate measurements will ensure that your dress fits perfectly.