• Vintage Thornton Pickard Mahogany Bellows Camera With 2 Matched Plate Carriers

    Probate estate. Large Vintage Thornton Pickard Mahogany Bellows Camera With 2 Matched Plate Carriers. Plate size 12"
    S$ 651.92
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  • Polaroid Land Camera100 Back with Wollensak Oscillo-Amaton 75mm f1.9 Alphax lens

    The lens itself is labeled as an Heavy Duty Alphax Wollensak Rochester USA. THe front says Wollensak-Dumont CRO. 75MM F/1.9 Oscillo-Amaton NO 75512. I did not test any film out in the camera, as I do not have any.
    S$ 194.01
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  • Gundlach Korona View 4x5 Camera--Wollensak Optical Co On Lens

    The bellows are coming loose on the corners, see the photos. The camera expands and rolls back closed pretty well but could use a little oil, if that is what you can use on these. The lens has a lot of info on it so look at the photo.
    S$ 127.98
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    1935 ELMAR 35mm f3.5 with back cap In clean working condition, serviced and guaranteed for 3 months Good luck with bidding
    S$ 506.26
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  • LEITZ LEICA M6 Black Body, w/ 1:4/90mm Lens

    Model M6 with one Leica Macro-Elmar-M f1:4/90mm Lens with hood, and nylon web strap. Bottom half of original leather case is included, top half is missing. LEICA M6 RANGEFINDER CAMERA. IS NOT THE OWNER OF THESE GOODS.UConsignIt!
    S$ 1,940.14
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  • Wollensak Optical Skyshade Landscape Supplementary Shutter 1906 Rochester NY

    The skyshade shutter was designed to solve a classic landscape photography problem in which blue sensitive plates had a tendency to over expose the sky. To overcome this Wollensak designed the shutter blade to change speeds during exposure.
    S$ 92.58
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  • Vintage Polaroid Portrait & Close Up Kit Flashes 581 581A 583 Lens Attachments

    Three lens and top attachments (all lens attachments are in good condition view finder attachments are a little dusty). Two flash attachments one is a bit corroded see photos could be cleaned up. The kits are numbers 581, 581A, and 593.
    S$ 44.39
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  • Polaroid 195 Land Camera

    Ketchum Pawn is located in Americas best mountain resort town - Sun Valley Idaho.
    S$ 272.29
    From United States
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  • Seagull wwsc-120 camera with case and light meter

    Accessory shoe: Hot shoe. Winding with shutter cocking 120. Film: 120 roll. Lens: 75 mm f/3.5. Aperture range is f3.5-f22. Weight: 990g. Viewfinder: Waist-level viewfinder with Fresnel lens and a magnifier.
    S$ 95.31
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  • New ListingZeiss Super Ikonta B 532/16. Opton Tessar, X Synch Compur-Rapid. Clean, but...

    Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 532/16 #O18828. Besides frame spacing, the body release does not operate so shutter must be tripped from the shutter housing linkage. Very little finish wear. No dents or scrapes.
    S$ 149.75
    Top-rated sellerFrom United States

    Here for sale is an excellent condition (signs of the lightest use only) Minolta Autocord twin lens relex camera from the 1960s. This is one of the last Autocords to be made and benefits the better lens and coating then available.
    S$ 406.78
    From United Kingdom
  • Vintage Copal 0 shutter from lab camera - T, B & 1 to 1/250 sec speeds working

    There is no face plate on the shutter. Speeds are marked on a rim plate. The shutter cocks and fires correctly at all speeds. This is from a Polaroid lab camera. It is only a shutter - NO APERTURE BLADES OR ADJUSTMENT!
    S$ 25.87
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  • Polaroid 1000 Instant Camera uses SX-70 film with Flash

    Polaroid 1000 Instant Camera uses SX-70 film. This camera is untested as i do not have a film. So sold as seen.
    S$ 28.42
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  • Yashica D TLR 6x6 120 Camera ~ Film Tested!!! New Leather Covering

    Yashica D TLR with new red leather covering. All speeds sound good. The taking lens has light scratches from cleaning which only effects the image in that it gives sharp highlights a little glow or flare. You can see it in the tailgate latch. I think it's kinda pleasing actually. There are no other flaws in the lenses. The black enamel is scuffed and chipped a bit. Nice bright viewing screen. The sample images are straight darkroom wet prints shot on FP4 and developed in Rodinal normally. There was no darkroom work done on them ie dodging etc. The paper was a grade 2. Shipping is free within the USA. I'll throw in a roll of film to get you started right away. Let me know if you want color or BW.
    S$ 202.86
    From United States

    For sale is a very nice serviceable Wollensak 12" Velostigmat Lens for large format field and view cameras. The shutter is fully functional and very close to accurate on all speeds. It bears the scrapes and dings of respectful use over the last century.
    S$ 524.18
    0 bidsEnding Today at 4:49 SGT3h 54mFrom United States

    The original shutter is a Prosch Triplex mounted on the Scovill & Adams lens board. The shutter is in EX , working nicely at all speeds and settings. The lens focal length is about 12" and f 7.5.
    S$ 1,558.92
    Top-rated sellerFrom United States
  • Vintage Chinon Camera with Strap Led Promaster

    See pics Strap missing a ring on one side you need a new ring
    S$ 1.35
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  • Nikon Nikkor SC 50mm f1.4 non-Ai lens for parts or repair + Komura Telemore Zoom

    The front and rear lens surfaces are clear - no scratch or wipe marks.
    S$ 25.87
    1 bidEnding Today at 1:28 SGT34m 15sTop-rated sellerFrom United States
  • 1970 Rolleiflex Whiteface 3.5F Leather Camera Case /Complete & Usable /3.5E,3.5C

    Rolleiflex Whiteface 3.5F TLR Cameras. Complete and very usable. an optional extra for all Whiteface 3.5F cameras. Good Start Price. Last Version Ever-ready Case. This case was the last version without the chromed emblem &.
    S$ 136.33
    0 bidsEnding Today at 1:02 SGT7m 42sFrom United Kingdom
  • Elmo Sound ST-600 D M Super 8 Projector with Rare Sankor 16C Anamorphic Lens!

    Elmo ST-600 D M Super 8 projector in good working order. Also includes the much sought after Sankor 16C anamorphic lens for projecting scope prints and a Classic Home Cinema lens mount to hold it in place (see photos).
    S$ 586.20
    From United Kingdom
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  • Riken Steky original Nickel plate model, "Made In Japan" Engraving VGC Boxed

    Riken Steky, Original model subminiature camera. With cap, wooden box, instructions, film cassettes (empty). Engraved "Made In. Nickel finish. Genuine and original, and a very nice example. In very good condition, signs of light to normal use.
    S$ 213.14
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    From United Kingdom
  • Vintage Graflex 2-cell chrome flash bulb holder possible star wars saber part

    Indicator light comes on so that's a good sign. It hasn't been tested beyond that.
    S$ 239.62
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  • Nicca-3S Vintage Japanese Rangefinder Camera. Serviced. 57198. UK Sale

    This is a Nicca-3s Japanese Rangefinder camera. The serial number on this camera is 57198. The camera is in very good condition. It has been serviced and tested and it is working fine. The rangefinder is accurate, clear and calibrated.
    S$ 177.62
    From United Kingdom
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  • Lot (10) Misc. Vintage Large Format Lens Shutter Unit Part / Kodak 0590

    Lot (10) Misc. For Parts or Repair. 7 70% Moderate brassing, dings and or dents in metal, excessive finish loss and brassing. Glass will have marks, fungus and/or haze which will affect picture quality.
    S$ 136.15
    Top-rated sellerFrom United States
  • New ListingANSCO 8X10 VIEW CAMERA, Field Camera, Film Holders, OEM Case, NICE!

    This Ansco 8" x 10" View Camera is in EXCELLENT condition. It has all of it's original hardware and all movements are functional. We feel it is good enough though to retain/test/repair if needed. There are no cracks or splits in any of the wood construction.
    S$ 469.72
    0 bidsEnding Today at 4:27 SGT3h 33mFrom United States