Vintage Cabbage Patch Dolls (Pre-1990)

Vintage Cabbage Patch Dolls (Pre-1990)

Cabbage Patch Kids, known as CPKs for short, are a line of soft-bodied dolls that are just waiting to be adopted. They experienced popularity in the 1980s, and original Cabbage Patch dolls made before 1990 are considered vintage. Boys, girls, and collectors can enjoy these pre-1990 Cabbage Patch Kids.

What is a Cabbage Patch Kid?

Cabbage Patch Kids are soft-bodied dolls made for girls and boys. Most of the dolls have fabric bodies and vinyl heads. Acquiring a Cabbage Patch Kid is referred to as adopting the toy. Each toy originally had its own birth certificate, adoption paper, and a unique name.

What size is a Cabbage Patch doll?

Cabbage Patch Kids come in a few different sizes, but most original Cabbage Patch Kids are 14 to 18 inches tall. They are about 10.5 inches around the waist. A baby is usually smaller than the dolls that are designed to resemble older kids. The baby styles are usually 11, 12, or 14 inches tall. You can also find Cabbage Patch dolls in newborn and preemie sizes.

Who is Xavier Roberts?

The inventor of Cabbage Patch Kids dolls is Xavier Roberts. His signature is emblazoned on the rear of each original Cabbage Patch Kid. Company lore says that a 10-year-old boy named Xavier discovered the babies in their patch when an unusual creature called a Bunnybee led him there. The color of Xavier’s signature on the doll’s backside is one way you can identify the year that your vintage doll was manufactured.

When did the first Cabbage Patch Kids come out?

Xavier Roberts first began making his dolls in the 1970s, but his first creations were known as Little People Originals. They were made of fabric from head to toe. He registered for a U.S. patent in 1978. In 1982, as part of a licensing agreement between his company, Original Appalachian Artworks, Inc., and toy manufacturer Coleco, the name was changed to Cabbage Patch Kids. The first Cabbage Patch dolls with vinyl heads were produced that same year.

How can you accessorize a Cabbage Patch Kid?

One of the delightful things about Cabbage Patch Kids is that you can dress and accessorize the toys in a multitude of ways.

  • Shoes - Cabbage Patch Kids can wear sneakers, dress shoes, or boots.
  • Clothes - Outfits for Cabbage Patch Kids come in all styles. Cabbage Patch dolls can wear shirts, jeans, tights, coats, pajamas, and more.
  • Hats - The toys can sport baby bonnets, party hats, and other headgear.
  • Hair decorations - You can put clips and ribbons in the hair of the girl dolls.
  • Baby items - A baby can wear bibs, diapers, and stocking caps.
  • Gear - The Cabbage Patch Kids can sleep in cribs or ride in strollers.
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