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The North Face Boots for Men

The North Face Boots for Men

If you plan to hike over rugged terrain or if you need extra support for your foot, a strong boot is essential. Men’s boots from The North Face are available in many colors, designs, and styles.

What are North Face boot types?

The brand makes men’s boots in three primary categories.

  • Winter boots: Styles in the winter boot category include Back-to-Berkeley, Tsumoru, Chilkat 400, Bridgeton, and more.
  • Hiking boots: These include the Ultra Fastpack II, Chilkat Nylon, Storm II, Snowsquall, and other styles.
  • Lifestyle boots: Among the styles in this category are the Ballard Commuter, Edgewood, Bridgeton Chukka, and more.
What is Gore-Tex?

Boots from The North Face often use Gore-Tex, a membrane that prevents wind and water from seeping through the fabric of the shoes. This material also enables airflow. Many products by The North Face are made with Gore-Tex as a protectant. Gore-Tex is considered a laminate used in textile production, especially for clothing and shoes that will be exposed to the elements.

What are some features of North Face boots?

North Face boots are insulated to trap heat inside, making them functional footwear for cold and inclement weather. The boots come in different styles, including ankle boots, chukka desert boots, rugged hiking boots, and heavy-duty winter boots. The brand also makes work boots that offer insulation as well as water-resistant features.

What are some colors and designs of North Face boots?

North Face shoes typically come in neutral, earthy colors. Some hiking shoes have a two-tone color scheme, such as rust and gray while others feature black construction with yellow accents. Other North Face boots are available in various shades of tan, brown, and of course, black. Styles are simple and generally lace-up options featuring the brands logo prominently displayed on the boot.

What materials are North Face boots made from?

North Face makes its boots from a variety of materials. These range from leather and suede to inner materials like an outsole crafted with OrthoLite as well as wool lining, an EVA midsole, and rubber on the exterior of the boots.

How do you choose men’s boots?

The North Face manufactures men’s boot styles in a wide range of sizes, shaft heights, and styles. Each of the following should be taken into consideration.

  • Select a category: Winter, hiking, or lifestyle
  • Choose benefits: Waterproof, insulated, lightweight, breathable, slip-resistant, cushioned and more
  • Select fastening style: Pull-on or lace-up
  • Pick a material: Leather, ballistic mesh, synthetic, and more
  • Choose a color: Black, brown, camouflage, blue, gray, and more
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