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Tech21 Cases/Covers for iPhone 5

Tips for Buying Tech21 Cases and Covers for the iPhone 5

Although your Apple iPhone 5 is designed to be sturdy and stylish, the screen and frame are susceptible to issues if the phone is dropped or bumped hard. To protect your device, a Tech21 case or cover can be put on your phone to help make it more resistant to potential damage that it could sustain from normal use.

What parts of the cell phone do cases protect?

There are three main parts of your Apple iPhone that you may want to protect with a case. They include:

  • Frame: The iPhone 5 frame is made from an aluminum body that is susceptible to dents and cracks if it is accidentally dropped or bumped. Protecting the frame keeps your device looking like new and in good working condition.
  • Screen: Keeping this component clear of cracks makes it easier to read texts and play games.
  • Camera: Some cases protect the camera so that you can continue to shoot high-quality photos and videos.
What types of cases and covers are available from Tech21?
  • Plastic snap: These snap cases from the Impact line cling snugly to the sides and back of your iPhone, protecting the frame from scratches and dings. Some types of snap cases have a cover on a hinge. This allows you to keep your screen covered when your iPhone is not in use.
  • Mesh: These cases from the Tech21 Evo line are designed to be up to 30% slimmer than other cases. They are also made of a rubberized material, giving them up to 6.6 feet of drop protection.
  • Bumper: These cases from the Impact line have rubberized sides that are able to protect your phones frame.
  • Wallet: Wallet cases are often made from either leather or synthetic materials. They often have additional compartments so that you can carry your cards and other essential information.
  • Screen protector: This clear film can be applied to the display. It provides protection for the display while still allowing you to use it.
What other considerations are there when choosing Tech21 cases?

For many iPhone users, phone cases are a personal accessory that adds a sense of style to their device. As such, you may want to consider:

  • Color: Cases come in a wide variety of colors option, from natural colors like wood to bright pink on the back. Clear cases for those who just want to encase and protect their phone but not change the look are also available.
  • Material: Depending on the type of case or cover, materials can include leather, synthetic fabric, rubber, and plastic.
  • Size and heft: Some cases for the Apple iPhone 5 can increase the devices size and heft due to the thickness. If you prefer thinner cases, you may prefer to stick with an Impact snap case. Wallet cases and bumper cases may be able to prevent more scratches but they often are thicker.
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