TYAN Computer Motherboards

TYAN Computer Motherboards

TYAN is a brand of motherboard compatible with both AMD and Intel processors. The multi-CPU motherboards can support different computing cores and are known for the amount of RAM they can support. Theyre made for single- and multiprocessors.

What kind of boards does TYAN produce?

TYAN manufacturers different types of boards, which range from Socket 940s to G34. The TYAN motherboards also support slots for both two and four CPUs. Because they support several individual processors on each board, you are able to get a large number of cores in the AMB boards. Many of them also include heatsinks.

What are some of the capabilities of the TYAN motherboards?

Some of the TYAN boards are suitable for gaming use. These particular boards fit well in extra-large casings. In addition to having full-size PCI-express slots, these boards also contain DDR3 RAM DIMMS, which allows them to support six-core processors. The TYAN boards can also be used for video editing as long as the board has appropriate slots for video cards. The SSD drives produce fast processing of videos. RAM is expandable to 1 GB. Other features include:

  • Windbond chipsets
  • Plug and Play capabilities
  • Chassis intrusion detection
  • Watchdog timer support
  • Onboard Aspeed AST2050
Does TYAN support the EPYC platform?

TYAN produces boars for the EPYC platform, which is a line of performance CPUs used in commercial-grade servers. These are used by crypto miners, data centers, or any workstation that requires high performance. The EPYC platform can support up to 16 DIMMs and 32 cores of memory.

Does TYAN support the Intel Xeon E7?

TYAN does support the Intel Xeon E7 and has produced different products to accommodate the E7 processing units, including motherboards that can support multiple processing units. The Xeon E7 is part of a generation known as the Socket 2001-1 or Socket R1. This board utilizes 24 cores and 60MB of internal cache.

Can TYAN motherboards support low-power Intel Atom CPUs?

Tyan does produce motherboards that are compatible with 12- and 16-core Atom products. They’re expandable to 64GB of DDR4 RAM and use 31 watts. They also have the capability to have RAID controller cards and other accessories added to them. This compact motherboard can be used with small computers as well as embeddable servers. With a little browsing to find specs on a specific computer model, it can be easy to find a compatible TYAN motherboard.

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