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Swann Color Home Security Cameras

How to Choose a Home Security Surveillance System

Consumers looking to protect their property and their families often turn to home security systems. Reassurance, deterrence, and potential evidence are just some of the reasons that make camera systems appealing, and Swann home security cameras provide color and infrared night-vision videos when added to a home security arsenal.

How does a security camera system work?

A camera captures still images and video, and a DVR or another storage method saves this data to be reviewed.

  • Many systems have multiple indoor and outdoor cameras. There are bullet cameras that can be mounted to a wall or ceiling, and dome cameras that can be mounted in many orientations. Bullets can be small or large, and size depends on where they will go. In addition to capturing video, simply seeing an outdoor security camera can often scare off potential intruders.
  • Wired cameras tend to have higher video quality and sensors, but wireless options can be used in many situations where wires would be difficult or even impossible to set up.
  • The footage that is captured is stored on a DVR, an NVR, or in private online accounts. DVRs are connected locally and cannot connect to the Internet, and they record to physical storage. Newer footage can overwrite old footage if storage runs out or after a certain amount of time. NVRs have the same purpose but are used with IP cameras instead of analog-system DVRs.

What advantages does an infrared night vision camera offer?

Many crimes and incidents occur during the night, so having a camera that is designed to clearly record activity in the dark can be advantageous.

  • Visible light is responsible for how much people and traditional cameras can see, as darkness means motion and detail can be lost. PIR (or passive infrared sensors) detect changes in ambient heat, and this difference is often due to people or animals. When this change is seen, the camera starts recording.
  • Infrared cameras can be useful both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor cameras can keep track of animals or potential human intruders, and indoor cameras can keep an eye on pets during times where lights are turned off.
  • Cameras can have varied night-vision distances, depending on the sensor used in them.

What advantages do color cameras provide?

Infrared security cameras usually have color capability as well, which adds to the detail they can record during times where there is visible light.

  • Outdoor security can benefit from color when aimed at areas of vehicle and foot traffic. Knowing the color of cars and outfits, as well as the color of human features like hair, can make identifying potential and realized incidents more concrete.
  • Full HD footage that is also in color can give you peace of mind in knowing what is going on and who enters the property. Its also useful if it ever needs to be handed to law enforcement.
  • Swann cameras that are color capable and have infrared night vision combine the advantages of both abilities.

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