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Discreetly Video Events that Occur Throughout Your Day with a Micro Spy Camera

When you need to document things that happen in your life, using a micro spy camera may be an ideal option to consider. It allows you to have a record of what occurs without anyone else knowing. Choosing which camera is right for you to purchase can be simple once you know what features to look for when searching through the large selection available on eBay.

How do the mini spy cameras work?

There are some mini spy cameras that are able to hold mini SD cards that hold the videos that you take until you are ready to download them onto a computer. Other cameras download the videos directly to an online storage cloud. Some cameras also have built-in storage devices but are only able to hold very little footage before the data needs to be downloaded and cleared in order to take more videos.

How are the cameras powered?

Most mini spy cameras have built-in rechargeable batteries built into them. Choosing one that has a battery power indicator light is often a great option because it allows you to ensure that the camera always has plenty of power to record the video you need to record. If the camera runs out of power while you are recording, you could lose the ability to document pertinent events that take place.

What options are available?
  • Pocket cameras- Pocket spy cameras are cameras that are designed to slip into a shirt or jacket pocket with just a small piece of the camera sticking out of the top of your pocket. They are often very discreet but do require you to wear a shirt or jacket with pockets in order to be useful.
  • Key chain cameras - Keychain mini spy cameras are small cameras that are carried like a keychain. They are great for times when you need to take quick pictures of someone doing something but want to make sure that its not obvious what you are doing.
  • Dash cameras - Dash cameras are cameras that are mounted on the dash of your car so that they can document what occurs while you are driving or when something happens in front of your vehicle.
  • Sunglass camera - Sunglass cameras are cameras that are built onto a pair of sunglasses so that you can take videos without having to hold the camera in your hand. Some glasses operate by simply pressing a button on the side of the glasses, while others can be operated through an app on your phone.