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Speck Case for HTC One

Speck Cases to Keep Your HTC One Safe

Speck cases are compatible with a range of different phone models, including the HTC One and HTC One M9 models. Protective and functional features vary, with some cases including dual-layer protection and a CandyShell case exterior with a Candyshell Grip. These smartphone cases come in a variety of different colors and designs, with some products having patterned designs on their backings.

What are some of the colors and designs available?

The Speck case for HTC One phones may feature a single solid color or multiple colors for distinct parts of the phone. If the backing of the case features a Candyshell grip, the grip may be a different color than the main case backing. The grip is presented on the back of the phone case as a series of closely grouped stripes in several distinct locations. The difference in color ranges from a different shade of the case backing to a contrasting color depending on the individual product. Product logos are included on the backings in several of the available cases. Graphic designs may be offered on products as well. Multiple colors of the same product are offered in several cases. Some of the colors used are:

  • Black
  • White
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Blue
What materials of construction are used?

Cases may include multiple materials of construction for an individual product. Dual-layer cases have a hard exterior and a soft interior to provide resistance to drops. Case corners are cushioned as well. Textured rubber grips are used on the backing of phones to provide slip resistance for users. Rubber is used to cover the volume and power buttons of phones to allow users to still access the buttons without having to remove the case. Exteriors are made using hard CandyShell material. Select products include faceplates for additional screen protection. Screen protectors provide resistance against both scratches and dents.

What are some protective features?

Cases feature military-grade drop protection, with some cases featuring multiple layers. In some cases, the two layers of the case may be included in a single piece for the purpose of making installation easier. Raised bezels are present to protect against screen damage from falls and to provide grip on flat surfaces. Other cases come with a kickstand or no-slip grip features.

Do the products have different aesthetic finishes?

These products feature several different finishes. The type of finish depends on the individual product. Some of the cases feature gloss finishes that reflect light while others have matte finishes. Rubber portions of the phone cases available do not reflect light. Plain finishes are also available in the collection of products.

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