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Sony Notebooks/Laptops

How Do You Choose the Right Laptop?

Laptops have been outselling desktops for years now, and the reason isnt hard to understand. When you buy a notebook, you get a complete computer right out of the box. Not only is it portable, but you dont have to worry about adding a display, keyboard, and mouse; its all there.

What Do You Look For?

The first thing you look for when buying a machine like a Sony Vaio is how well it will meet your needs. A student may want something different from a remote worker, and the right Vaio for one may not be appropriate for the other. Here are some important factors to consider:

  • Processor: A Core i7 provides the most performance, but a low power Core i3 may give your Vaio longer battery life. A quad-core processor is better for multi-tasking.
  • Screen Size: A larger computer is easier to work on, but may be less portable. The bigger screen also draws more power which may also be a concern. At the same time, the larger Vaio series also have more room for a battery so sometimes it evens out.
  • Operating System: Windows operating systems give you access to the software you need to get the most out of your Vaio computer. It also comes with pre-installed accessibility aids like speech recognition and high contrast color schemes.

How Do They Categorize Laptops?

Notebook computers categorize in several ways: by size, by form factor, and by function. There is no one aspect that can help to define every model, though each series of computers within a given product line generally follows a theme. Some categories include:

  • Desktop Replacement: Usually larger than 15.5 inches in screen size, these computers are for people who want all the power and performance of a Vaio desktop but in a laptop. They are usually only barely portable, and they wont last long on battery power, but you can get up to a quad-core i7 processor if you need the horsepower.
  • Convertibles: Commonly found in the 13-inch size range, these models feature a touch screen that you can flip over to turn your laptop into a Windows tablet. You can also tent these Vaio PCs for presentations or just to watch a movie.
  • Ultra-Portables: Thin and light, these units often feature extended battery life for people who spend a lot of time on the road. They are really useful for anyone who finds themselves stuck in an airport far from any power outlets.

Using a Notebook

How you use your PC depends on where you are as much as it does on what youre doing. If you look at most Sony Vaio laptops, youll see that the keyboard is narrower than those on a desktop. Even if the keys are full size, it still generally lacks the number pad on the side. You also want to adjust the screen position for a better viewing angle, which is going to be different if youre sitting on the couch with the Vaio in your lap than if youre sitting upright at your desk.

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