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Sony Hdr Cx160

Record Favorite Moments with the Sony HDR CX160 Camera

Capture a loved ones graduation party in perfect picture and sound with the Sony HDR CX 160. The high-definition camcorder works reliably in many different environments. The easy-to-use camera also proves easy to purchase when you follow the ordering steps on eBay.

Does the Sony HDR-CX160 come with added performance features?

The model is a 1080p HD camera that delivers 4.2MP resolution. To further enhance the users recording experience with this high-definition camera, Sony packed the light device with several features. Consumers purchasing from eBay gain access to this camera and all the appealing features associated with it. Features designed to support the users capabilities are described here:

  • Zoom - The zoom optically brings the subject of the lens closer by 30x the distance. The impressive zoom level proves helpful when recording from far distance such as stadium seating, in the wilderness, and more.
  • Extensive battery life - A fully charged battery supports extended hours of recording times. The battery is rechargeable.
  • Still-shot capabilities - The Sony HDR-CX160 functions not only as a camcorder but also as a traditional camera. Take high-definition pictures by switching over to camera mode. JPEG represents the still shot format.
  • Built-in microphone - Capture in-range audio without any troubles and without installing a microphone attachment. An external microphone can be inserted if desired as a camera has a mic slot.
  • USB port - With a USB cable connecting the Sony HDR CX160 to a playback device, users can watch the video recorded on the drive. The USB connection should make it possible to copy files from the camera to a computer.
What amount of storage is available on the Sony CX-160?

The internal storage capacity on the camcorder lists at 16GB. Video recorded by the HD camera comes in AVCHD and MPEG2 digital video formats. Files can be transferred to an external source and deleted on the drive to restore used space. The option also exists to add memory cards to store video footage. Memory cards capable of being inserted into the camera include the following cards:

  • SD
  • SDXC
  • SDHC
What is the size of the Sony HDR-CX160?

At a weight of only 8.8 ounces, the Sony HDR CX160 falls under the category of a compact camera. The height and width reach slightly more than 2 inches each. See manufactures site for more details. The compact nature of the camera contributes to more convenient storage and handling.

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