Silicone/Gel/Rubber Cell Phone Case for BlackBerry

A Guide to Selecting a Cell Phone Case for BlackBerry

A silicone, gel, or rubber case for a cell phone provides a protective cushioning material for reducing impacts and exposure to damp surfaces. The silicone, gel, or rubber may also help to reduce heat exposure if the phone gets hot while you are using it. There are many styles, colors, and features for a silicone/gel/rubber cell phone case for BlackBerry phones.

What are some available types of rubber or silicone cases?

Some types of covers for the phones may include:

  • Pouch: The soft pouch case or sleeve cover fits around the phone, with additional space for phone accessories.
  • Fitted: The soft fitted or skin style wraps around the phones back and side edges.
  • Bumper: The bumper style forms a protective shell around the edges and back of the phone. The back of the phone is lifted up so that it does not make contact with a horizontal surface.
  • Clip: A shell or pocket clip allows the cover to attach to a pocket.
  • Wallet: Wallet cases open into three sections.
How do you choose a cover to fit the phone?

These covers are designed to fit multiple models of phones. To make sure that your phone will fit, measure its length, width, and thickness in millimeters. Compare the measurements with the measurement of the case. If the phone is slightly smaller than the skin case, it will fit. Some of the skin cases have a universal design while others are designed to fit one or two specific models.

What are some features of rubber phone covers?

Some of the available features may include:

  • Card pocket: A card pocket offers storage for a badge, identification, or bank card.
  • Projector: The case has a built-in projector that enlarges the image or video on the phones screen and projects it onto a flat surface.
  • Screen protector: A piece of glass or acrylic provides protection to the phones screen.
  • Strap: A nylon or synthetic leather strap is attached to the back or top of the case.
  • Built-in clip: A metal or plastic clip is attached to the back of the case.
What colors or characters are available for the covers?

The available colors for the covers include solids such as white, black, gray, red, purple, pink, and yellow. The cases are also available in transparent or clear silicone. The cases may have two or more colors, with combinations such as brown and green camouflage or purple and black.

What are some exterior design options for the covers?

Design options for these covers may include:

  • Glossy: The silicone, gel, or rubber is highly polished and reflects light.
  • Jeweled: Glass beads, crystals, rhinestones, metallic studs, or sequins may be attached to the case.
  • Transparent: The case is see-through.
  • Pictorial or patterned: Patterns, such as stripes or hearts, or pictures, such as animals or flowers, may be printed into the case.
  • Matte: The material absorbs light.
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