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Selmer Soprano Saxophones

Make Beautiful Music With Selmer Soprano Saxophones

The high tones of a sax can grab attention from distances away. Whether youre a professional musician or a hobbyist, the sleek Selmer soprano saxophone features a compact design for lightweight carrying. Affordably priced used and new models on eBay offer you a wide selection of vintage or modern tones.

Will the sax adjust for tone and volume?

Used and new Selmer soprano saxophones are already adjusted for tone and volume. These two facets are gauged by the mouthpiece and the straight path of the horn’s body. The reed of the sax is set to extract the air you breathe but at a certain frequency for a voice that steadies when hitting higher notes. This tone is carried throughout the horn and maintained at the frequency it is received. The horn’s opening flares and spreads to bring sound out with greater volume.

The different parts of a soprano saxophone

Managing the different pieces of the instrument is important for being a saxophonist. The compact Selmer soprano saxophone is composed of the following:

  • Adjustable neck: The neck is adjustable for comfort and to allow you to move each piece when cleaning. The same flexibility is found in the mount piece when getting a reed to fit.
  • Cups and pads: These pieces open the sound hole of the sax and close them when needed. A predetermined alignment has been set to make the pieces fit as you need them to.
  • Mounted rods: The rods feature the same polished finish as the entire body of the sax. The rods give the keys a place to mount against finger pressure.
  • Treated brass: The final layer of brass is treated for a high sheen.
  • Cleanable detachments: Major parts of the horn use cork ends to fit into each other and are broken apart for storage or cleaning.
The features of compact soprano saxophones

Selmer soprano saxophones come with the following features:

  • Comfortable carry: A neck strap can be connected to provided hooks for a convenient playing experience.
  • Fast reed adjustments: Changing your reed is a matter of relying on a quick-connect connector built into the mouthpiece.
  • Sealed pressure: The seal of the soprano is calibrated to give you a unique texture for tone and sound.
  • Oiled rod and rib: Fast-moving pieces are lubricated and measured to freely move without hindrance.
  • Factory renewal: Vintage or used soprano saxophones offer classic engineering with a modern sound.
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