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Santa Cruz Tallboy

Take Your Biking to Another Level With a Santa Cruz Tallboy

If you are looking for a bike that can easily go from trail to cross country, the Santa Cruz Tallboy is a good choice. Maybe you are looking for a bike frame to customize to your personal preferences. Either way, eBay offers a large selection of these bikes at affordable prices.

What are Tallboy bikes designed for?

These bikes are made for the mountains and trails. Designed to handle difficult climbs with ease, the shocks keep you from feeling the ride. The Tallboys grip and ability to handle the tight curves of technical trail riding make it a good choice for mountain treks.

What are some features of the Santa Cruz Tallboy?

With its 110-millimeter rear travel and 120-millimeter fork, the Tallboy is a good mix of a trail bike and a cross country bike. Its 29-inch wheels will stay firm with accelerated downhill riding. It is available in five different frames, made of aluminum or carbon, sure to fit all body sizes. A few other features include:

  • Compatible with 27.5-inch or 29-inch wheels
  • SRAM Disc Brakes
  • SRAM NX1 Drivetrain
  • 110 mm Virtual Pivot Point Suspension
Is the Santa Cruz Tallboy a kit or entire bike?

You can find entire bikes already assembled as well as parts to kits like the bike frame. Purchasing an entire bike can be beneficial if you would rather not put the time or effort into building your own custom bike. Likewise, purchasing a single bike frame that can be customized to your biking preferences is beneficial if you plan to use it for racing.

How is a mountain bike different from a road bike?

Mountain bikes are made to support wider tires with extra tread for gripping rugged terrain. The handlebars are flat or riser bars that only allow for one position, unlike a road bike. Some mountain bikes have shocks for a smoother ride for the rider. They are usually lighter in weight to allow for maneuvering and carrying the bike out of rugged areas.

Are these Santa Cruz Tallboys new or used?

There are bicycles in both new and used condition for sale. Used bikes tend to be less expensive than buying brand new and can be beneficial if you plan to use it for parts. New bikes are beneficial if you want to be sure there will be no inconspicuous damages to the bike. Either way, you are certain to find what you are looking for when you shop on eBay.

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