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Samsung Wi-Fi Tablets

Common Features of a Samsung Wi-Fi Tablet

Wi-Fi tablets let you connect to the internet wherever a wireless connection is available, assuming you have the password for that network. Samsung has a wide range of tablet options with 8-100 GB in disk space and 2-4 GB in RAM. All Samsung tablets run on the Android operating system.

What is a Wi-Fi tablet?

This type of electronic device allows you to access wireless internet. You can use them at home, at coffee shops, and anywhere else a Wi-Fi connection is available. These devices have a large screen yet a slim, lightweight build. Screen sizes range from 7-12.9 inches. Weight ranges from 0.99-1.65 pounds. Some models are equipped with other possible internet connectivities. Others only enable a wireless internet connection. Regarding disk space and memory, you can find as high as 120 GB and 4 GB, respectively.

Can you video chat and take pictures?

As long as you install a video calling app and the device has a camera, you can video chat on a tab. You can also take pictures and possibly even HD videos, assuming your device has a camera. Some models have both a rear and front camera. Others have one of the two, so you must check the specs to know before choosing which device you want.

What are common features of these tablets?

Specific features vary depending on which model you buy. Typical specifications youll find in these tablets include 8-64 GB of storage, 2-4 GB of RAM, and 1.2-1.9 GHz in processor speed. Rear camera resolution ranges from 5-13 MP. The front camera is around 2-5 MP. Many models offer microSD expandability. The operating system for Samsung tabs is Android, but the Android version that is installed may vary depending on the model.

Many models use adaptive display technology to adjust the screens brightness as lighting changes. With an aspect ratio of 4:3, you can use the device in either landscape or portrait mode. Some models have ID fingerprint sensor technology that identifies your fingerprint and gives you access based on the fingerprint. It can be used for unlocking the device and authorizing payments. Many devices also enable word processing programs, so you can edit documents, spreadsheets, and powerpoints.

How do you choose a tablet?

Here are some steps to help you choose the right Samsung tablet for your needs.

  • Step 1: First, you should decide whether you need additional internet connectivities in the tablet.
  • Step 2: The next decision to make is how much disk storage space, memory, and processor speed you need. How you plan on using the device influences the minimum specs youll look for.
  • Step 3: Do you plan on taking pictures? If you only want to take selfies, then you can consider any tab that has a front camera.

Once youve clarified these details about what you need, you will have narrowed down your options.

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