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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Unlocked Smartphones

Everything You Need to Know Before Selecting an Unlocked Note 3

Whether you browse social media, use your device to stay organized, play games, or watch videos, the Note 3 has the features that you need. Choosing an unlocked TMobile Galaxy Note 3 from the large catalog on eBay gives you flexibility in your choice of carrier.

Why should you buy a Galaxy Note 3 unlocked?

When you buy a Note 3 from a cellular carrier, the device has a SIM card that is programmed to only work on that carriers network. Some of the benefits of buying an unlocked TMobile Galaxy Note 3 are:

  • Changing carriers: Buying a Note 3 unlocked allows you to choose a cellular carrier that fits your budget and lifestyle.
  • Affordable: Buying an unlocked TMobile Galaxy Note 3 may be an affordable alternative to the more expensive locked models, such as the Note 8 and Note 9.
  • No contract needed: An unlocked TMobile Galaxy Note 3 is no longer under a contractual obligation, so you can change carriers as often as you like without any penalties.
  • No roaming charges: With a Samsung Note 3 that is unlocked, you can make changes to your SIM card so that you do not incur roaming charges.

How do you find the right unlocked TMobile Galaxy Note 3?

When you are searching for an unlocked TMobile Galaxy Note 3 on eBay, the condition is one of the most important considerations. You can find unlocked TMobile Galaxy Note 3 devices that are in the following conditions:

  • New/Opened package: New/opened package means that the package for the Note 3 has been opened, but the device has not been used.
  • Used: A used Note 3 has been in operation on a carrier network and used as an active device.
  • Refurbished: A refurbished, unlocked TMobile Galaxy Note 3 has been used, returned, and restored to the factory-functioning condition.

What are some features of the Note 3?

The Samsung Note 3 series combines the benefits of a smartphone and a tablet. Some of the features of the device are:

  • S-Pen: The S-Pen is the Samsung version of a stylus that works with your unlocked TMobile Galaxy Note 3.
  • Vivid display: The Samsung Note 3 has a 5.70-inch 1080x1920 display.
  • Processor and Memory: The unlocked TMobile Galaxy Note 3 features a 1.9 GHz octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM. The RAM can be upgraded to 64GB with an external microSD card.
  • Dual camera: The Note 3 has a 2MP front-facing camera and a 13MP rear-facing camera.
  • See the manufacturer site for details.

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