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Rosenthal China & Dinnerware

Rosenthal China and Dinnerware

Rosenthal is a German manufacturer that has been producing porcelain and dinnerware, such as its rose collection, since 1879. Today, Rosenthal is considered one of the world leaders in porcelain design and production. In addition to porcelain, Rosenthal also produces a range of dinnerware in glass and ceramic.

How do you identify Rosenthal China?

Look for a Rosenthal China mark somewhere on the dinner plate or other piece. Most pieces should feature a mark on the plate or dinnerware that will not only prove the origin of the piece but may help in identifying what year it was made. The company has changed its mark over the years, and guides are available to help you determine when your piece was made. Your local library may also have pattern guides and reference books that may be of assistance.

How do you care for Rosenthal China?

Most Rosenthal plates, bowls, saucers, and other pieces are marked to indicate how they should be cared for. There are several things that you can do to help preserve the beauty of your dinner plates and other china, particularly when it comes to cleaning your pieces.

  • Dishwasher safe pieces are designed to be scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. However, gold trim is not entirely scratch-resistant, due to the nature of the material.
  • Dishwasher safe bone china should be treated similarly to glass since that is essentially what the surface of bone china is made from. If a film or coating appears, it may be due to starch deposits being left behind by the dishwasher. These deposits can be removed by liquid porcelain cleaner or ceramic glass cleaner typically used on ceramic hobs.
  • Dishware that is marked for dishwasher suitability is slightly less resistant than dishwasher safe material. However, they have been tested in the economy cycle, and if you follow your machine and detergent specifications, their patterns should not get damaged during a wash.
  • Hand wash anything that is marked as high-quality decor.
  • Store these pieces in specially designed china keepers to prevent chipping. When relocating, carefully wrap each piece in newspaper or bubble wrap and mark the box containing your Rosenthal dinnerware as "fragile."

How do you choose a Rosenthal China pattern?

Choosing a pattern for your Rosenthal china and dinnerware is primarily a matter of taste, though there are a few things you can keep in mind when making your selection. Your china should be compatible with your homes decor and color scheme. If you enjoy redecorating periodically, you might want to consider a plain white or ivory pattern that wont clash with new paint or furniture. Some people also appreciate having a special holiday set of china — something that Rosenthal provides with its Christmas plate and bowl patterns.

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