Replacement Keyboards for Apple MacBook

How to Purchase Replacement MacBook Keyboards

Owning a computer means that you must take measures to maintain your machine to maximize its usage and extend its lifespan. This could mean repairs or part replacements are required, such as replacing your laptops keyboard when necessary, and there are several types of keyboards to be aware of for your MacBook. 

When Do You Replace a MacBook Keyboard?

As with many electronics, some parts wear out or break as time passes. For instance, a MacBook Pro keyboard could simply wear down due to consistent use and typing between multiple users, meaning that its time for a replacement model. There are some signs to look for that alert you that its time for a new keyboard.

  • Keyboards can become unusable after damage. An example of this is spilling a cup of coffee on your laptop, which means the liquid could seep into the keys and prevent them from working normally. 
  • You find that there are certain keys that wont work or that there are missing keys. If you cant use your main function keys, its time to replace your laptop keyboard. 
  • Keys that become stuck can be frustrating to try to repair. Instead of repairing individual Apple keys, simply replace the entire keyboard and enjoy full use of all your keys.

How Do You Buy MacBook Keyboards?

There are several models of Apple MacBook computers, which means there are distinct types of keyboards to select from when it comes to replacing one. There are also several ways you can purchase replacement keyboards to ensure you get the exact parts you need. 

  • Purchase the keyboard itself, which is simply the keyboard without any additional components. You should verify that the part you select fits the model of your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro so that it works properly. Look at your machines model number, which should look something like this format: A1297 or A1398. Newer options include the butterfly keyboard, which has thinner keys than earlier designs do. You can also purchase the keyboard backlight along with the keyboard.
  • Buy the keyboard along with the top case, which means the keyboard comes with the included palm rest as well as a trackpad. Essentially, this almost like getting half the laptop without the screen. These come in assorted sizes as well as model numbers. 
  • You have the option to replace individual keycaps instead of the entire Mac keyboard. This may be a more effective solution if you only have one or two non-working keys or a sticky numeric keypad.

What Are Some Features of Mac Keyboards?

There are numerous benefits of using branded MacBook or MacBook Pro keyboards that are consistent with your specific device. 

  • A keyboard replacement is made of a Unibody construction. Unibody material means that the accessory is made from a metal or alloy, such as aluminum. 
  • A MacBook Pro accessory offers the use of certain keyboard shortcuts that only work if you use a genuine, authentic replacement part. 
  • MacBook Pro accessories are responsive to the touch and are slimmer than other types of devices are. The keys are comfortable to use, even for extended periods of time.