Pokémon Complete Sets

Pokémon Complete Sets for Christmas

Hosting a late-night card game party with your friends sounds like a fun idea to spend Christmas eve. Make it more interesting by indulging in the popular Pokemon card game this year. eBay's Black Friday deals can help you get your hands on the complete sets without busting your budget. You can choose from different decks and select the one that can add value to your collection. Make your Christmas party more interesting by indulging in a fun tournament while trading cards with your friends and family. These cards can also make a thoughtful Christmas gift for avid fans and collectors. Make the most of the upcoming Black Friday to shop for rare sets without drilling a hole in your pocket.

How do you value original Pokemon sets and original Pokemon cards?

The most significant predictor of the Pokemon complete base set value, or of each of the individual cards, is the rarity. Each card has a rarity that determines how likely it is to appear in a booster pack, which in turn, is the most significant predictor of the card's value. You can find the rarity symbol on the bottom-right corner of the card, located next to the card number:

  • Circle: A circle means the card is common.
  • Diamond: A diamond means the card is uncommon; however, these cards are easy to find. Because these cards are easy to find, uncommon cards are still cheaper compared to some of the other original 151 Pokemon cards.
  • Star: A star means the card is rare.
  • Star H: A star H or three stars mean the card is special or extra-rare, and these cards are the most likely to be valuable.
  • Other: A card with another symbol was likely sold as part of a special edition of the Pokemon base set.
Essential guide to the base set condition

If you are looking to add cards to your collection, then you may care about the condition of the card. There are five conditions when it comes to grading collector cards:

  • Near mint: Cards in near mint condition have minimal to no wear from play or handling, crisp corners, perfect edges, and a nearly unmarked surface.
  • Lightly played: Cards in lightly played condition may have minor scuffs on the surface or slight wear around the edges. The imperfections are noticeable.
  • Moderately played: Cards in a moderately played condition can have border and corner wear, scuffing, creases, or whitening.
  • Heavily played: Cards in a heavily played condition have been severely damaged with things like liquid.
  • Damaged: Cards in a damaged condition have been torn or have some other condition that would make it illegal in tournament play.
What are the most valuable Pokemon cards?

The most valuable trading cards in a first-edition Pokemon cards full set are not only a nice gift for an avid collector but will also improve the game play of an avid fan. Some of the most valuable trading cards in the Pokemon card sets are the error cards. For example, some of the holographic base sets have a rare error that is known as the "shadowless" error, which means that they are noticeably missing a shadow to the right of the image. Since there were not many of these cards manufactured, they are extremely valuable.

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