Pick Up a Piccolo and Unleash Your Inner Musician

Its compact design and ability to produce a wide range of notes make the piccolo an invaluable part of most orchestras. Its a beginner-friendly instrument, and learning the piccolo is both rewarding and fun for people of all ages. Also known as an ottavino, which in Italian means "little octave," you can find this instrument that was used by Vivaldi and other great musicians available on eBay.

The basics of playing the piccolo

The affordable piccolo is a miniature flute-type instrument. As such, it is played in much the same way as a flute would be. A musician will play this instrument by blowing into a small hole located at the top and to the side of one end. In order to play specific notes, keys along the length of the instrument are pressed and held down. The oldest examples of this instrument simply used holes that were covered by the fingers, similar to a recorder.

What key are piccolos manufactured in?

A piccolo is naturally tuned to the key of C. The first versions of this instrument, however, were made in the key of D flat, making this discrepancy something to keep in mind while browsing the selection on eBay.

What kind of material are these flutes made out of?

As a member of the woodwind family, they were traditionally made from wood. Todays wood piccolos are often made of grenadilla, but most piccolos are now made of silver and brass. On eBay, you can also find piccolos made from other materials, like glass, plastic, or any number of alternatives. This fact invariably makes for subtle changes in pitch and tone between different models based on their material.

What brands of music-supply makers manufacture woodwinds?

Many brands of music-supply makers have this instrument as part of their normal supply list. As this type of flute is used by bands and orchestras around the world, there are many new and used piccolos available on eBay. Here are some of the brands you may see:

  • Yamaha: A well-known brand in the world of music, Yamahas instruments are appropriate for all skill levels, and their robust selection of beginner supplies makes them stand out.
  • Pearl: Pearls creations are high-end and classy with great sound quality. Used by professionals around the world, they are the most recognized for their all-wood instruments.
  • Mendini: Mendini is a trusted name in the business and produces quality instruments that are appropriate for both beginners and professionals. One aspect of note is the wide variety of materials they use in their creations, giving you several options when youre selecting a piece.
  • Jupiter: Jupiter makes its instruments from heavy-duty resin, a feature that allows them to mimic the feel and sound of hardwood instruments while improving their durability for more demanding performances, such as playing outside.
  • Glory: Glorys flutes and other woodwind instruments are well-designed and made with marching bands in mind; you can easily and comfortably play this flute while youre on the move.