Pianos, Keyboards & Organs

Pianos, Keyboards and Organs

Whether youre passionate about the classic piano, the organ, or the new wave keyboard, there are many versions of these instruments available. From a portable keyboard or keystation from Privio to an acoustic piano from Roland or Korg, there are plenty of choices.

Whats the difference between a keyboard and a synthesizer?

A keyboard is any electronic instrument that uses a row of keys to produce sound, but not every keyboard has synthesizer capabilities. A keyboard synthesizer is a type of keyboard that allows users to manipulate the sound waves and create custom sounds and effects. Synthesizers are commonly used to make various forms of electronic music.

What should you consider when purchasing a piano

You need to consider whether you want an electric keyboard, an organ, or an acoustic piano. Some of the differences include:

  • Pianos: These are acoustic instruments that operate by way of hammer-action keys. Keys are traditionally white ivory and polished ebony. They can be upright or grand in model type.
  • Organs: These instruments play via pipes or electric sound. They offer a wind-based sound. Electronic organs offer a choice of backbeats to use as a part of a greater playing experience. They were the original basis for todays keyboards and digital pianos.
  • Keyboards: Keyboards, or digital pianos, offer the sound of a piano with a number of different features. The sound that comes from the piano is not hammer-action but recorded versions of original pianos. In some cases, there are multiple choices of piano sounds. It may also offer additional sound options, backbeats, and the opportunity to upload and record music.
How much space will you need for a piano?

The size of piano you should get depends on the size of your home. Dont overbuy; if you dont think it will fit, chances are it will not. An upright piano will typically measure between 43 and 53 inches in height and 60 inches in width. Grand pianos are much larger. If youre living in a small apartment downtown, you might even consider getting a keyboard or digital piano from a company like Yamaha or Casio. Keyboards still sound great but fit in a closet.

If you buy a keyboard, what should be on it?

Keyboards come in 3 basic sizes; 61-key, 76-key, and 88-key. A piano has 88 keys, so if you want a realistic playing experience, then that is what youll want to get. And make sure it has full-sized keys and a sustain pedal. Most keyboards on the market today will have at least 100 different sounds, patches, presets, and drum beats installed on them.