Outdoor Ip Camera

Dont Miss Anything With an Outdoor IP Camera

Outdoor internet-protocol (IP) cameras can be used indoors or outdoors to keep you informed about whats going on at your home or office when you are away. With their wireless capabilities and compatible apps, you can easily view camera footage from your computer or cellphone. You will find a wide range of affordable outdoor IP cameras and accessories on eBay.

Where can you use these outdoor wireless security cameras?

These cameras are built to be used outdoors, but they can also be used indoors for many different applications. If using one outdoors, you can set it up to be able to see who is at your door, ensure packages are delivered and watch for strangers lurking about. Indoor uses of these cameras include keeping tabs on babysitters and making sure the kids adhere to their curfews. You might even use one to record yourself sleeping to figure out reasons why you might not wake up feeling refreshed. Other places you can use these cameras include:

  • At the office
  • At small shops
  • Outside garages
  • In storage units
  • In vehicles
What are some key features of these wireless IP cameras?

Some of these cameras come with audio, allowing you to speak to and hear the subject on the camera. This feature is convenient for surveillance purposes and also for communicating with delivery persons or postal workers. Since these IP cameras transmit data over the internet as well as recording to memory, you can watch live video as it happens. You can also take screen-shot-type photos to have still pictures of what is being recorded. Other features of these cameras can include:

  • High-definition video
  • Night vision
  • Motion detection and motion alerts via email
  • Record and playback with screen shots
  • Weatherproof exteriors
What are some specifications of these outdoor IP cameras?

These cameras are built to operate in climates with between 10% to 95% relative humidity, making them useful in most areas. Their heat ratings typically go up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, while their cold ratings go down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, and they are waterproof. Adjustments can be made to the videos backlighting and brightness levels for ease of viewing.

Do these IP cameras need to be plugged in?

Some of these cameras do need to be plugged in, either directly to an outlet or with its included power cord. Others use a solar-rechargeable battery and have a small solar panel attached to them. Still others use power over Ethernet (POE). This technology allows the camera to be both powered and connected to the internet with the same cable.