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OtterBox Cases, Covers & Skins for Samsung Galaxy S4

How to Choose Cases for a Galaxy S4 Smartphone

For some, their Samsung smartphone acts as their lifeline to communication, so its important to protect it to be able to continue talking to friends and family, browsing the Internet, and using GPS for directions. To that end, OtterBox makes sturdy cases that fit the bill when it comes to all-around solid protection for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Which Case Models Are Available?

The company makes a few different series of cases that are compatible with the Galaxy S4 model, so select the right case for you based on the feature set that each series offers.

  • The Commuter Series offers lightweight protection. These cases are multi-layered, meaning there is a front piece and a back piece that snap together to provide complete protection. These accessories come in assorted colors for the Galaxy, such as pink, green, and black.
  • Check out the OtterBox Defender Series for a higher level of protection. Defender Series designs offer three components: Two rigid pieces that protect the front and back and a built-in screen protector that minimizes the risk of scratches to your phone. This Defender model comes with a holster to clip your phone to your belt and covers for your ports keep dust out.
  • Another option when choosing a case is the Symmetry Series. This is a one-piece case that fits your Samsung Galaxy and has a raised lip around the top edge to protect your screen. It offers a user-friendly installation and has a slim design, so its convenient for tucking into your pocket or purse.

What Are Some Features of These Cases?

Not only do the brands cases look rugged and feel sturdy, but they have numerous features that help to ease your mind when you drop your phone or when it gets splashed by accident.

  • Models from the OtterBox Defender line, along with those from the Commuter line, offer drop protection thats been tested and certified. These shockproof cases help to reduce damage to your Samsung Galaxy S4 when dropped.
  • Port covers keep dust from getting into the ports on your phone, which could lead to damage down the line, as dust can clog up your phone and make it difficult to use headphones or cords.
  • Since several of these case types offer more than one layer of protection, such as an additional screen protector, there is little risk of wear or damage being done to your device.

Which Colors and Designs Do Cases Come In?

You should be able to find a case that fits your personality when you shop for rugged cases for your Galaxy S4 from this brand.

  • Solid-colored options exist in a variety of shades ranging from basic black to bright pink, green, and red.
  • Two-tone cases come in designs like pink and white or green and black.
  • You can find patterned options like camouflage available as well.

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