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Old World Christmas Ornament

Old World Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments have long been beautiful symbols of the holiday season. Old World Christmas Ornaments was created by Tim and Beth Merck in 1979. They both shared a love for Christmas and wanted to combine that with an old world art form: mouth-blown glass.

What categories of Christmas ornaments does Old World Christmas create?

There are 25 different categories of hand-blown glass ornaments that you can place on your holiday tree. They are an inclusive grouping of a wide variety of topics. Within each category, they are further broken down by types. The animals category, for instance, covers reptiles, cats, dogs, farm animals, and the list goes on. Within the dog category alone, there are 55 ornaments.

What types of Santa ornaments does Old World Christmas make?

You have a selection of 37 Santa glass ornaments from which to choose. For instance, theres one with a date across his beard if youre a collector of each year. Another on his golf cart might be appropriate for certain lifestyles. Other examples include Father Christmas and a Nordic St. Nick.

What ornaments representing states and cities are available?

Some states, such as California and Florida, each have a glass ornament. There are, however, items that represent elements of a particular place, such as a city or state. So, while there isnt a specific state representation for Tennessee, for instance, there are 11 others. Glass ornaments include national parks and sports teams.

What holiday ornaments besides Christmas does the company offer?

There is a wide selection of ornaments for various holidays. You have a variety of hearts for Valentines Day. An Easter assortment includes eggs painted the colors of spring. Military representation for Memorial and Veterans Days is available. Patriotic symbols, such as the flag or eagle, are among the 4th of July ornaments. A large selection of Halloween ghosts and goblins is also available. Thanksgiving-themed ornaments feature pumpkins, pie, and Pilgrims.

Additionally, you can represent the various seasons with flowers and birds, or acorns and autumn leaves. It is not necessary to have a tree for all of your festive glass ornaments. They can dangle from ribbons or hooks in front of a window.

What occupations represented by glass ornaments are available?

An assortment of ornaments feature medical professionals, such as an ambulance, a nurses cap, and a medical symbol. Other ornaments feature firemen, truck drivers, plumbers, teachers, astronauts, chefs, and realtors, just to name a few professionals depicted on hand-made ornaments created by Old World Christmas.

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