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Nine West Dresses for Women

Nine West Dresses for Women

Ever since Jerome Fisher and Vince Camuto founded Nine West in 1983, women have been wearing their dresses. Women can find a variety of Nine West dresses in classic styles. If you are considering this brand, you may have some questions about the styles and sizes available.

What are some different kinds of Nine West dresses?

Nine West produces a wide variety of dresses in many different styles, including:

  • Maxi: Available with a variety of different necklines, colors, and patterns, these dresses have a formfitting top and a free-flowing bottom that reaches at least to the ankles.
  • Sheath: These formfitting dresses often have high necks, are sleeveless, and end at the knee.
  • Shift: These dresses usually hang loosely from the shoulder to the hem.
  • A-line: These dresses have a tight-fitting bodice that ends at the waist and a full, circular skirt.
  • Sweater: Often having high sleeves and long necks, these dresses are elongated sweaters.
  • Bandage: These tight-fitting dresses are made with stretchy material that appears to be wrapped around the body.
  • Bodycon: These tight-fitting dresses cling to the body.
  • Shirtdress: These dresses usually have collars and buttons down the front.
What size dresses does Nine West make?

Nine West makes dresses in a variety of sizes. They offer dresses in misses sizes 0 to 18 and plus sizes 1X through 3X. However, not all styles are offered in all sizes.

What are some fabric patterns found in Nine West dresses?

The company offers dresses in a variety of patterns, including:

  • Chevron: These options often have V-shaped stripes pointing up, giving a zig-zag effect.
  • Color block: Usually, two or three blocks of color are used in these designs.
  • Floral: Flowers of all colors are found on Nine West dresses.
  • Geometric: Lines, polka dots, triangles, and more are used in these patterns.
  • Hounds tooth: Broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes characterize these patterns, which usually contrast dark and light colors.
How do you choose a Nine West dress?

It may help to follow these guidelines when choosing among Nine West dresses for women.

  • Select a preferred style: Maxi, sheaths, A-lines, and many others are available.
  • Select a preferred material: Cotton, polyester, rayon, and linen are just a few of the possibilities.
  • Select a preferred color: Almost every color is readily available.
  • Select your preferred size: Many different sizes are available.
  • Select your dress: Make the final decision based on your personal taste.
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