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Nike Flywire Men's Basketball Shoes

Nike Flywire Mens Basketball Shoes

This line of athletic shoes from Nike is designed to help basketball players reach their maximum potential on the court. It incorporates innovative materials and a unique construction style. In addition to performance, these shoes are known for their aesthetics.

What are some features of Nike Flywire basketball shoes?

These Nike shoes are designed with strong, lightweight materials. They were inspired by the cables on a suspension bridge.

  • Flywire: These filaments work like the cables on a suspension bridge. They offer support where it is needed. The flywire is made of synthetic materials like nylon and Vectran.
  • Fabric: Flywire shoes feature a paper-thin upper made of synthetic fabric. It is almost like a sock, reinforced by the flywire filaments. This is a shoe that adds the minimum amount of weight to a player. It is like a second skin.
  • Soles: Flywire soles are made of foam. They are thicker at the heel than at the toe. This helps absorb shock when jumping on the basketball court. Soles are molded from lightweight, manmade materials.
What styles are these shoes available in?

These flywire basketball shoes are available in several versions. They include:

  • Zoom Hyperdunk: These shoes feature a high top that rises above the ankle. They feature vents at the toe to be extra breathable for your feet. This shoe has almost retro styling with solid colors and a classic swoosh on the side. They feature standard laces and Hyperdunk is printed on the tongue. Colorways include black and white and red and white. Some versions feature foam embellishments at the heel.
  • Hypershift: The Hypershift features a breathable knit upper. It is a low-top shoe with plenty of added cushion at the heel. It comes with classic flat laces and a patch saying Hypershift is found on the tongue. It is available in colorways including grey and white. There are loops at the back of the shoe.
  • Jordan: The Nike Jordan basketball shoes are also available in a flywire version. This shoe features a high top and the classic Jordan logo on the shoe and the tongue. The upper features several large mesh-like openings for breathability. The heel is rounded.
What sizes are these shoes available in?

These sport shoes are available in a wider range of sizes than most mens athletic shoes. This is to accommodate basketball players, who are often unusually tall. Sizes 6 to 18 are available. Half sizes are available.

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