Neutral Density Camera Lens Filters Cokin P Series

Camera Lens Filters Help You Create Premium Images

Launched in 1982, Cokin P-series filters reduce time spent at the computer editing because you can make adjustments as youre shooting. You can also switch between filters with minimal effort so theres less chance youll miss the perfect shot.

What Is a Neutral Density Filter?

Designed to reduce wavelength intensity, ND (natural density) filters reduce the amount of light entering the lens. In combination with camera settings, they help reduce motion so you arent overly concerned about shutter speed. By using the cameras viewfinder, you can choose a specific neutral density filter and create desired effects on the spot. Additionally, Cokin graduated ND filters rotate within the holder allowing you to create smooth transitions by balancing light exposure. Several models are available so you can make light adjustments at the top or center of images.

What Types of Filters Should You Consider?

  • Creative: P-Series Creative filter kits are available in 84mm and other sizes. For example, kits contain Gradual Blue, Gradual Tobacco, and other types of filters to help you create stunning landscapes. Since you control where on the picture you want more or less light, the lens accessory optimizes bright light, whether youre taking sky or seaside photos.
  • Nuance: Made from mineral glass, Nuance ND filters have a metallic alloy coating on both sides, which balances light transfer and reduces reflection. Designed to complement a range of F-stops and lens sizes, the devices are useful when shooting long-exposure video in very bright light.
  • Nuance Extreme: These shock-resistant accessories are designed to survive drops and hold up to a wide range of weather conditions. With rounded 2-millimeter edges, theyre easy to handle and insert into the holder. Likewise, the manufacturing process ensures that captured light and colors look natural and unaltered.

How Does This Filter System Improve Photography Skills?

When youre on a shoot, capturing images quickly is important when conditions are optimal. The company offers four filter holders sized from small to extra-large to accommodate your cameras frame and lens. An adapter ring slides onto the holder, thereby allowing you to use several filters at once. Additionally, the devices help you control the amount of light that pours through the lens so you can be as creative as you want when photographing scenes or taking portraits. Because the system can be attached and removed in three steps taking only 3 seconds, you can use camera lens with or without filters. Youll maximize your time and avoid the risk of overexposing photos.

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