Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

Needlepoint Christmas Stockings

Classic knit and needlepoint Christmas stockings provide buyers with a variety of holiday decoration designs. These needlepoint stockings are often used to hang on a fireplace mantel and are stuffed with small toys and goodies to be enjoyed on Christmas Day. You have many choices and styles of needlepoint Christmas stockings to choose from whether you want to make one or you want a ready-made one.

What materials are used in these Christmas stockings?

Needlepoint stockings use a variety of yarn types to create designs that are compact and simple. These holiday items integrate multiple colors that are associated with the Christmas season, including white, red, green, blue, and gold.

Some needlepoint stockings may use felt, metallic thread, or even ribbons to accentuate individual design elements. For example, a Christmas scene featuring Santa Claus may have needlepoint designs that are highlighted with colorful fabrics of many different types.

How do you make your own stocking?

Kits are available to make your own stocking in many different styles and designs. Most kits contain a set of instructions, a pre-printed canvas such as cotton, yarn or thread, needles, and other decorative accessories to complete the project. Some stitching methods used in these designs may include the following:

  • Counted cross stitch
  • Long stitch
  • Back stitch
  • Basket weave stitch
  • Continental stitch
How can they be used to display gifts?

Christmas stockings are designed to hold a variety of different gifts and goodies. For example, they can keep small offerings, such as candy or toothbrushes, that can be given out after the main items are opened. However, these kinds of stockings can also hold smaller wrapped toys and may be used as a surprise treat.

Needlepoint Christmas stockings can also showcase a family by displaying the names of a member of the boot-shaped sock. These individual stockings can be personalized by the person knitting them, or you can add the names on later with decorative stickers or paint.

What kind of knit patterns are included?

There are several kinds of knit patterns available for needlepoint Christmas stockings. For example, many feature scenes of Santa Clause and his reindeer delivering presents. Others showcase elements of this seasonable celebration, such as snowmen and elves, that are associated with the holiday. Some have 3D elements, which means that Santas nose, mustache, and hat stick out from the stocking.

These elements are chosen by the needlepoint designer to create a mood that is appropriate for the celebratory season. Each typically has a central image that takes up both sides of the stocking. Others will integrate several images, such as multiple Christmas tree bulbs, to create a unique atmosphere