NFL Case/Cover for iPhone 5

Get in the Game With NFL Case Covers for the iPhone

If you are a fan of sports, especially football, and you have an iPhone 5, you will be happy to know that you can combine your love of both into an iPhone cover for your phone. Its a way to help protect your iPhone while also showing off your team pride during football season and postseason. Whether theyre part of the AFC or NFC, there are many teams featured in cases to use by football fans who are located from coast-to-coast and beyond.

Which NFL team logos are on iPhone 5 cases?

If youre a fan of a particular football team, chances are you can pick an NFL case cover available for your iPhone, whether youre looking for a wallet case or another type. It may even be possible to find cases in different designs that depict support for a certain team. Some teams you may be able to showcase include:

  • Seattle Seahawks
  • Cinncinnatti Bengals
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Los Angeles Rams
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Denver Broncos
In what colors are these NFL iPhone 5 cases available?

The cover for your iPhone 5 will typically come in the teams colors. For example, if youre a New York Jets fan, youll likely be able to get one in their colors, which are green and white. In addition to their colors, some of the NFL iPhone 5 cases may feature additional hues such as black or a clear cover so you have several options from which to pick.

What materials are used to make these NFL case covers?

iPhone 5 NFL case covers might be comprised of a variety of different materials. You might find silicone, hard plastic, or TPU cases. Depending on the design youre thinking of picking, it might be available in more than one type of material, such as that you may be able to get it in a hard plastic case or silicone.

How can you attach the NFL case cover?

Typically, all thats required to attach an NFL iPhone 5 case cover to your phone is to shift or snap it carefully into place. Before picking a case, check the description of the case youre interested in buying to see if there are any specific instructions involved with putting on the product. To ensure that your device is in properly, examine all the edges and the four corners once you put the iPhone case on before preparing to use it.

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