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How to Maximize the Use of Your Motorola Smartphone Windows Mobile

Motorola began developing Android smartphones in 2009, and it has developed several smartphones over the years. One of its phones is the Motorola smartphone which comes with the Windows Mobile 5 operating system. Here are ways you can maximize the use of your Motorola Smartphone Windows Mobile system.

What are the features of the Windows Mobile?

The Motorola smartphone comes with a QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth capabilities, and a 13 megapixel camera. Additionally, the Windows Mobile operating system lets you send any image or movie to someone else via email or text.

How do you properly charge your Motorola device?

Be sure that your charger is connected to your Motorola device. Your cellphone will identify a charger connection, but it will not charge if the smartphone is partially plugged in. When it is not fully inserted, the device will not charge. But with a fully inserted charger, the TurboPower charge will kick in. For the Moto Z, Turbocharging is an added feature. When the Motorola device is below 78%, the Turbocharger will charge the Moto device faster. Otherwise, it will charge the Moto device at normal speed.

How can you extend the battery life of your Motorola?

If apps are consuming power, you can check the component or subsystem that is using most of the phone power by going to Settings>Battery on your Android Moto E4 Plus. GPS-using apps such as navigation should be turned off when you are not using them. If you are in an area with low phone signal, get to airplane mode unless you have to text or make calls. This will help keep your Moto G4 Plus from losing power as it tries to connect to a poor signal.

When you put your Moto E5 Plus down after using it, press the power key quickly for the screen to be turned off. For the screen timeout setting, go to the Settings menu. Scroll down to the Display>Sleep and select the fastest time out. If you have not turned off your Moto E4 Plus for more than a week, and you discover that your Moto E4 is sluggish, you can just reboot your Android device to keep applications from using more power. When you are not using Bluetooth, switch it off.

How should you take care of your Android device?

Here are some care guidelines for your phone:

  • Keep it safe: Handle your Motorola device well. Cover it with a case to help prevent cracks on the screen.
  • Avoid dropping your Motorola device: Phones may be damaged when they are dropped on rough surfaces. Take utmost care to avoid dropping them.
  • Avoid heat and moisture: Dont place your cellphone close to heat sources like a stove or a furnace. Additionally, avoid exposing it to moisture.
  • Clean it: Use a cotton swab and some alcohol on the keypad to clean it. Only clean the exterior part of the cellphone.
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