Motorcycle & Scooter Silencers, Mufflers & Baffles

Motorcycle Mufflers

When you are purchasing mufflers for your motorbike, its important to understand as much about them as possible. Before you make a purchase from Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, or another manufacturer, you may want to familiarize yourself with how to care for a new or used muffler. You may also want to understand how baffles and silencers function.

How should you clean your motorcycle mufflers?

Cleaning your muffler is an important task. Below, are three simple steps that will help you to clean your exhaust pipes.

  • First, apply a metal cleaner. Spray pipes with the cleaner, and let it sit for awhile. Be sure to use a cleaner designed for the type of metal your exhaust pipes are made of.
  • Second, rinse off the cleaner. Thoroughly scrub the metal to remove dirt, rust, and debris buildup. A spray bottle of water can help you remove cleaner from hard-to-reach areas. After all the cleaner is removed, dry the pipes well.
  • The final step will be to apply polish. This will give a satisfying shine and help prevent dirt and oil from sticking to the pipes as easily later.
How does a motorcycle exhaust silencer work?

Understanding how this part works can be helpful, especially before making a purchasing decision.

  • The purpose of an exhaust silencer is to channel waste gases away from the motorbikes engine and out the back as you ride. Burning fuel produces harmful gases and fumes. They must be removed from the engine and the exhaust system is critical in ensuring that these fumes are sent away from the rider to disperse.
  • As gas burns, the fumes flow through the exhaust system and are sent through a series of tubes. They then will go through a catalytic converter which helps to break down gases before they are sent through the tailpipe.
  • A muffler also is helpful in regulating engine noise. This is why exhaust pipes are sometimes referred to as "silencers." Many motorbike enthusiasts like to adjust this component to help their bike make more noise. The sound level you choose mostly depends on your preferences and doesnt greatly affect the performance of the motorcycle.
What is a motorcycle exhaust baffle?

Another important motorcycle part is the exhaust baffle. An exhaust baffle is a simple part that can be placed inside of the exhaust system. This component is usually standard equipment on motorcycle exhaust systems. Its essentially a metal tube that helps to restrict the airflow coming from the exhaust system.