Montana Land Real Estate

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Montana Land Real Estate

Investing in land is a smart decision, according to many financial experts. As the fourth largest state in the nation and featuring such cities as Billings and Missoula, Montana has ample land to choose from if you are in the market to purchase land. Whether you want to build a home, a business, or start a ranch or a farm, Montana has several different types of land.

What types of land are available for purchase in Montana?

Depending on your reason for wanting to purchase property in Montana, you may need your land to have certain characteristics. Here is a breakdown of the Montana land types:

  • Rocky Mountains - Located mostly in the western half of the state, you will find beautiful views of snow-capped mountains and wildlife here. These mountains can be the right choice for a vacation home, permanent home, or a commercial retreat. This region usually receives a lot of snow and there are many winter recreational opportunities such as skiing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing.
  • Great Plains - Nearly 2/3 of the state is prairie and part of the Great Plains Region. Grasslands here can be ideal for farms and ranches as well as commercial real estate.
  • Valleys - Multiple valley regions can be found in this state such as Paradise, Bitterroot, Flathead, and the Big Hole. They offer numerous opportunities for recreation and tourism as well as many agricultural resources. Low-lying clouds and fog are seen a lot in these areas, which add to the natural beauty in these areas.
  • Water - With thousands of named lakes and rivers, Montana is rich with natural resources. These bodies of water provide fishing, recreational opportunities, hydropower, irrigation for crops, mining, and of course, water for human consumption.
What should you check before purchasing property in Montana?

Purchasing property in Montana can be exciting; however, there are a few steps you need to take before making your purchase. They include:

  • Survey - Real estate experts recommend getting a true survey of the land you want to purchase. This will define the area and not rely on hedges or fences for the marking of the parcel, which can be quite inaccurate.
  • Zoning - You should also ensure that the land you want to purchase is zoned for your intended purposes. If not, you may not be able to follow through with your plans or you may have to take additional action to try to get the zoning changed.
  • Water rights - You will need a permit from the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation Water Rights Bureau to get water. Water rights in Montana are acquired by diverting water for beneficial use. And if your potential parcel has a well, you will likely need to contact the Montana Ground Water Information Center for the well driller’s information