Specifics of Different LED Video Light

LED video lights are usually used for creating videos with a good lighting of the subjects face. Photographers can also use LED video light for all-around better illumination. eBay sells various affordable LED video lights in many sizes and categories.

What are the color specifics of LED lights?

There are two factors that affect the way colors are illuminated with these lights. They are the color temperature and the color rendering index (CRI). The color temperatures for LED lights can be:

  • Tungsten
  • Daylight
  • Bi-color

The color rendering index is how accurately the light reproduces the original color. The higher the CRI index, the better the original color is seen. The closer this value reaches 100, which is the CRI of the sun, the better if you are specifically interested in retaining the original color as much as possible. Edge color distortion is the difference in color that happens with LED lights, and it usually happens when the CRI value of the light is lower.

What are the different power options for lights?

Many new and used LED video lights have the option of a battery solution. If the light is larger, it usually has V-lock or a couple of NPF batteries. Most LED video lights also have a DC jack besides the battery power so you can use a cable and plug the light directly into a power source.

What are the differences between the beam angle?

The beam angle is how soft or bright the light is when it comes outside of the lightbox. This is a matter of choice depending on what effect is wanted. The spotlight beam creates a narrow beam of light for a soft flood light. This creates an illumination that resembles a spotlight. Floodlights are ones in which the light is more diffused and covers a greater area. It is usually good for lighting large spaces or creating a softer image of the subject being filmed. A spotlight can also be made softer by using a light diffuser.

Whatu001as the difference between large or small single LED chips?

The LED lights that are made of many small light bulbs put together are usually more affordable. Large chip LED lights are made of very small LED diodes that give the impression of unity of the light source. They are brighter than the ones made of small bulbs and create a light that does not cast different shadows.