Leather Clip Cases & Covers for iPhone 5

Secure and Protect Your iPhone with a Leather Clip Case

Leather cases come with several different protective features as well as methods of fastening to users. Products contain belt clips and holsters designed to fit around the belt loop of a user. Several different colors and designs are featured in the available products.

What specific fastening features are included?

Depending on the individual product offering, a plastic belt clip and a holster may be included in the case design. Belt clips come in the form of plastic clips that are designed to fit securely to the pants of a user. This feature can be used by those who either do not have space in their pockets for a phone or want their phone to be more accessible to them.

Holster style cases have flaps that go over the top side of their bodies so that phones cannot escape the case even when the case is inverted. These flaps are secured by different mechanisms such as buttons and magnets. The orientation of the holsters varies, with some holding phones vertically and others holding phones horizontally. Some products contain a wrist strap as well for the purpose of additional security when transporting your iPhone 5.

What are some of the aesthetic styles available?

You can get a leather case for an iPhone 5 in solid colors with select items having patterns dispersed throughout. Cases that primarily consist of a single color may contain stitching that is a different color. Stitching may be placed in several places on the case, including the edges of faces and flaps. In addition to stitching, some of the products contain logos and emblems. Flaps vary in style as well. In some instances, there may be multiple flaps that cover the front side of the phone, giving a different appearance than a single flap cover. Some of the colors available in the cases include the following:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • White
Are the covers designed to work with phone cases?

Yes, the holsters and covers containing belt clips available are sized to hold phones that have cases on them. In some instances, the product is specifically designed to only be used with a phone that already has a case on it. If used improperly, a phone may move too much inside of the holster after a user attaches the belt clip. The extra movement could result in damage to the phone if holsters are used improperly. The brand of cases that the holsters are sized to varies on an individual product basis. Some of the available products are compatible with a variety of different brands while others are designed to work with a specific case brand.

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