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Leather Cell Phone Wallet Cases with Card Pocket for Samsung Galaxy S5

How to Find a Quality Samsung Galaxy S5 Leather Wallet Case with Card Pocket

Wallet smartphone covers are becoming increasingly popular and are the favored trend among Samsung Galaxy S5 phone users. These covers are designed to hold small and essential items such as business cards, ATM cards, money, etc. Furthermore, the leather case lets you talk on the phone while the cover is closed. Here are a few things one should take into consideration before selecting a leather smartphone wallet case.

How do I choose a phone holster?

Your smartphone should be secured at all times yet easily accessible to use at a moments notice. Before selecting a cover, consider the:

  • Portholes - Select quality genuine Italian leather case design with clear-cut access holes. This will make plugging in headphones or a charger easier. Steer clear of leather cases with narrowly cut access holes as plugging in will be a pain.
  • Space - Your holster should protect your phones screen and not cause any scratches on it. The distance between the screen and the top of the case should be approximately the same size as the tip of a pencil. For added screen protection, look out for a beveled top edge that is at least 1 millimeter high.
  • Fit - You do not want a leather case that is too tight nor do you want one that is too loose on your Galaxy S5. A tight wallet case might cause damage to your phones screen while a loose cover will not keep sweat and debris out.
  • Stitching - Look for a phone case that has stitched seams as opposed to a glued seam. Most of the stylish and durable stitching for Samsung leather wallet cases are made of nylon thread. Nylon is sturdy and can take more case abuse before breaking. Nylon thread is also water resistant, meaning it wont rot if it gets wet.

Why should I buy a genuine leather case for my Samsung Galaxy?

  • Protection - These luxurious Samsung S5 phone cases protect the front glass of a phone better than any classic cover.
  • Wallet cases are not bulky - Contrary to what you might think, leather wallet pouches are quite slim. You will be able to store your essentials plus your phone in a soft, black Samsung Galaxy S5 case without fear of bulginess.
  • Convenience - Aside from safely holding and protecting your Samsung Galaxy S5, these pouches come in an assortment of attractive and functional designs. These stylish pouches eliminate the need to carry a separate purse along with your cell phone.

Some designs come inclusive of a belt clip, shockproof materials, and a built-in card slot to store your business cards. Your leather wallet case can also hold cash, one or two credit/ debit cards, and a drivers license.

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