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Lawyer & Legal Collectibles

Lawyer and Legal Collectibles

The American Bar Association has tracked the number of lawyers in the United States since 1878, and as of 2017, the nation had more than 1.3 million. Clients, family, and friends may wish to give attorneys collectibles to display in their offices or homes. Lawyers may also be interested in decor for their offices or homes or gifts for colleagues, including mugs, books, art, or framed documents.

Which vintage legal collectibles are available?

Vintage collectibles were usually made before 1960. Legal-themed collectibles including sculptures, figurines, gavels, and deeds and wills from the 19th century, framed or unframed, may be available. Art objects depicting lawyers or legal debates from the 19th century or early 20th century are also available. Other gift choices are books to display on shelves or desks.

Which gavels are available as lawyer collectibles?

Gavels come in a variety of sizes, weights, and types of wood, with or without metal bands around the mallets. Sets include a gavel and a striking block. Mini gavels are 8 inches long or shorter. A standard-size gavel is 10.5 inches long and includes a metal band. Presentation gavels include cases, and some have metal engraving bands. Square gavels can accommodate engraving on three sides. Wood choices include oak, rosewood, olive, and ebony. Brass, bronze, silver, stainless steel, and gold gavels are other possibilities. Larger gift gavels can range up to 24 inches in length.

Which figurines and statues are offered for lawyer collectibles?

Figurines depicting the Scales of Justice and Themis, the blind lady of justice, may be available, ranging from 6-inch desk figurines to life-size sculptures. Satirical lawyer sculptures are made of porcelain, ceramic, or painted wood. A variety of bobbleheads, including figures annotated with their associated statutes and laws, may be found, featuring renowned jurists including Supreme Court justices Thurgood Marshall and David Brewer.

Which art is available for lawyer gifts?

A variety of illustrations and prints may be available for lawyer gifts. Gift prints may be humorous or satirical or may depict passages from laws, legal principles, or symbols like the scales of justice. Framed paintings and prints cover a number of historical periods. Paintings and prints in various styles depict lawyers, courts, or litigation.

Which mugs and plaques are available for gifts to lawyers?

Gifts for a law firm or lawyer can include laser-cut wood plaques with attorney sayings or the "Lawyer Prayer." Humorous ceramic mugs and sets for lawyers and clients may be available. Ceramic and etched glass plaques are offered with industry symbols as well.