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LG Cases for G2

Cases to Dress Up Your LG G2 Smartphone

Phone cases come in different styles with lots of features to suit an individual lifestyle. Whether youre running between meetings or heading out to dinner, cases have your phone covered. Cases for the LG G2 are available in a range of styles, and theres an array of designs, finishes, and colors to choose from.

What types of cases are options for the LG G2?

Cases for this LG phone are available in a variety of styles, including:

  • Bumper: These covers extend over the sides of the phone and onto its front edge. If you place a bumper case facedown on a flat surface, it will protect the front of the phone.
  • Flip: These cases include a weighted flap on the front that can be opened to access the device.
  • Wrap cases: These are like flip cases, except that the longer front flap wraps around the side of the case to secure on the back.
  • Clip: Some cases for the LG G2 have a clip on the back, which you can attach to a belt loop.
  • Fitted: These cases, also known as skins, fit the phone snugly. They are often made out of gel or other materials that flex with movement.
  • Wallet cases: Similar to wrap cases, these often include wristlet straps or slots for cards.
  • Hybrid: These covers combine elements of more than one style.
What are some features of covers for the LG G2?

Cases for the G2 may have card pockets, kickstands, screen protectors, clips, shockproofing, or waterproofing. Card pockets house the identification or credit cards you need to carry. Kickstands allow the smartphone to stand, freeing your hands. Screen protection is common in housing or waterproof cases that wrap around the phone. Clips fasten to clothing or accessories for added stability or security. Shockproofing is often present in the gel layer of a case cover, which minimizes impact if you drop your phone. The degree of water resistance depends on the cases materials, layout, and construction. To be completely waterproof, a case must cover the front and back of a phone and close to shield open ports and jacks.

What designs and colors do these cases come in?

A case for your LG G2 phone may have a glossy, jeweled, matte, metallic, patterned, plain, or transparent finish. The amount of shine varies with each design. Embellishments like images, cartoon characters, and tone-on-tone patterns are fairly common.

Color choices include:

  • Black.
  • Blue.
  • Gold.
  • Pink.
  • Purple.
  • Red.
  • White.
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