Jaguar Car & Truck Side Marker Lights

Jaguar Car and Truck Side Marker Lights

Side marker lights on your Jaguar are not just there for style. They give your vehicle that extra bit of illumination so that other drivers can see you on dark or foggy nights. If your amber, red or other color marker lighting has gone out, fix or replace them as soon as you can.

How are Jaguar side marker lights constructed?

These small lights have one bulb and are housed in a socket and frame that are attached to the fender on your cars back quarter panel. They can be screwed or snapped into place. Front marker lights have amber-colored lenses while the lenses of the marker lights in the rear are red. They use 12 volts, which is standard for automobiles, and are attached to either the wire looms of the taillights or headlights or to the parking light wire via a single 16-gauge wire.

How do you replace side marker lights?
  • First, put on some safety glasses.
  • Look for damage in the marker light.
  • If you have a manual for your Jaguar, it will tell you how to access your side light.
  • When you find the housing, take out the bulb and socket. Most come out with a counterclockwise twist.
  • Take out the screw or bolt from the housing, and remove the housing.
  • Install another marker light housing on your car, and then replace the socket and lightbulb.
  • Test the light to make sure it works.
What bulb types are used in Jaguar side marker lights?

The types of bulbs used in side marker lights either use a carbon filament or are light-emitting diodes, also called LED light. Bulbs that use a filament are hot. LED types, on the other hand, use semiconductors so that they are cool to the touch and more energy-efficient and can last a long time.

How do you clean marker lights?

First, washing your vehicle every week or so goes a long way in keeping your LED side lights and other exterior lights clean. It is recommended to use a solution of cool water and mild dishwashing liquid as well as a hose with a nozzle to blast away the dirt and crud. To specifically clean the lenses of your marker lights:

  • Wash your Jaguar.
  • Put blue masking tape around the markers to protect the rest of your car.
  • Polish with an automotive light polishing compound, and then rinse.
  • Spray with window cleaner, and then rinse and polish with the polishing compound again.
  • Rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • Remove the tape.