Honda Accord Instrument Clusters

An instrument cluster panel can tell a driver a lot about the health of a vehicle. For instance, it can show a driver how much gas is left in the fuel tank or how high the vehicle is revving. You can find a large selection of replacement Honda Accord instrument clusters for most models whenever it is time to upgrade or replace a broken part.

Does an instrument panel display information digitally?

Whether information is shown on a Honda Accord instrument cluster digitally or in analog format depends on the version and model year of the vehicle. For instance, those who own a 2003 to 2005 Accord will see a mixture of both. The number of miles the car has been driven and similar information is presented digitally while speed and engine temperature is presented in an analog format.

What do the small lit icons on the instrument panel indicate?

When a vehicle is turned on, a series of small icons may appear over parts of the instrument cluster. These small lights are meant to alert drivers to potential issues such as low fuel or the fact that the battery may need to be looked at. It is normal for all or most of these lights to turn on when a car is first started, and they should all turn off within a few seconds.

Why are there two sets of numbers on the speedometer?

There are two sets of numbers on the speedometer because there are two common ways of measuring speed. On most instrument panels, the numbers indicating miles per hour are displayed in large and bold font. Underneath, numbers indicating kilometers per hour are displayed in smaller font. When driving in the United States, road signs are always labeled in miles per hour.

Can drivers measure engine temperature through the instrument cluster?

This temperature gauge is generally placed on the far right of an instrument cluster. It usually contains a “C” for cold on the left hand side and an “H” for hot on the left hand side of the gauge. In most cases, the needle that indicates the temperature will be halfway between hot and cold at normal operating temperatures.

Are there LED lights for a Honda Accord instrument cluster?

There are LED lights for instrument clusters on most Accord makes and models. White lights may be ideal for those looking to match the color of the original bulbs, but it may also be possible to find blue, red, or other colors based on driver preference.