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Hp Photosmart Printhead

HP Photosmart Printheads for Clean and Clear Inkjet Printing

If youre having trouble with your HP 564-compatible printer and the fixes youve tried so far arent working, you might need to replace the printhead in your printer. Finding the right printhead for your printer is easy when you shop on eBay, and you should keep the following important points in mind as you select the right printhead to get your inkjet up and going again.

Which colors do these printheads process?

Here are some examples of the types of ink that the HP Photosmart printheads process:

  • Yellow, cyan, and magenta: These are the three colors that HP uses to make colors on pages that have been printed with an inkjet. These ink cartridges are relatively small, and they fit into the center of the printhead.
  • Black: The black cartridge in an HP 564 printhead goes on the far left side, and it is the largest cartridge in this ink collection.
  • Photo Black: The printers in the HP Photosmart collection use an additional black cartridge that is installed on the opposite side of the printhead. This Photo Black cartridge helps bring out the definition in printed photos by adding deep black tones.
What are some signs you need a new printhead?

The printhead is the part of a printer that moves back and forth along the page. It transfers ink from the cartridges to the page, and if your printhead isnt functioning correctly, you may notice a number of issues. In some cases, the images and documents that you print may look too lightly printed even though your cartridges are all full. If a printhead problem goes unchecked for a significant period of time, however, it is inevitable that it will no longer print anything. If your printer spits out pieces of paper with little to no ink on them, you may want to try replacing the printhead as a solution to your issue.

How do you pick the right HP photosmart printhead?

All of the printheads in this eBay collection are compatible with HP printers that use the 564 ink cartridge, which means that any of these printheads will work with your printer as long as your device uses this type of ink. Most of the printers in the HP Photosmart collection use this type of ink, and other HP printers may also be compatible with this printhead. To make sure that your HP printhead is genuine, make sure that it has a top that is soft gold in color.

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