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Hifi Power Cable

Enhance Your Sound System with a Hi-Fi Power Cable

If you have a fantastic sound system but are looking to improve on its sound and rhythm and reduce noise, you may be in the market for a Hi-Fi power cable. Hi-Fi power cables have been known to greatly improve your sound systems performance. Fortunately, you can find a wide array of these amplifier power cords on eBay, but there are few questions you might want to have answered first.

Will the audio power cable have a burn-in time?

Yes, most consumers recommend that you allow your Hi-Fi power cable somewhere between 100 and 200 hours of burn-in time. The burn-in process is simply the process where you play a large range of tones for so many hours to help fully release any gasses that became trapped in the cables during the manufacturing process. Ideally, youd play music that contains a good amount of beat to speed up your power cables burn-in process. That being said, most people can still hear an improvement without burn-in time.

When should you use an audio power cord?

If you want to see if your sound system can benefit from sound enhancement, you should try an audio power cord. If you notice that your system is just sounding okay but think it can sound better, trying an AC power cord can be a wonderful way to boost your systems performance even if youre on a budget.

Will a power cable be compatible with my system?

Most audio power cables are designed to be universally compatible with many sound systems. Hi-Fi power cables are typically compatible with the following types of systems: UL, IEEE, CSA, CE, BSI, JET, RoHS. Most power cables will be compatible with both professional and home audio systems, so you can use them regardless of the complexity of your system.

What should you consider when buying a power cable?

Consider the following factors when youre searching for a power cable:

  • Gauge: The gauge of a Hi-Fi power cable can make a difference in what kind of boost the cable offers for your sound system. The larger the gauge, the stronger the effect.
  • Length: Many audio power cables come in different lengths. You should choose the length that fits the needs of your situation and sound system. Some believe that shorter audio cables are more effective, but theres no solid proof that a shorter cable is better.
  • Price: Youll find that theres a large range in prices for audio cables, but you can find cheap, effective power cables that will be compatible with your sound system.