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Putting Together the Ideal Office Space for Your Small Business

No matter what size your business, having a well-organized office space is essential to productivity. Modular workstations that can rearrange for better office design and storage solutions. Herman Miller provides a wide range of office furniture and cubicles.

What Are Some Basic Cubicle Models?

Whether your desk space is for doing work or for answering calls from customers, you can find an affordable, long lasting furniture solution for your office. A hallmark of this brand is that the parts in a model tend to be interchangeable so that you can easily rework office space for better design or more space as needed.

  • Action Office System (AO1 & AO2) - Durable and designed for long term use, these cubicles are inexpensive and easily reconfigured.  Interchangeable panels and components make these work spaces ultra flexible  
  • Ethospace - This line of cubicle has a long lasting steel frame with interchangeable tiles, which are available in over 30 styles. Again, all the parts are interchangeable so reorganizing and redesigning your office with this furniture is easy and affordable.
  • Layout Studio - This cubicle model allows employees to organize their workspace to their personal preferences. The Layout Studio has both sitting and standing desks for individual workspaces and project team tables.

What Are Other Office Furniture Solutions Available from the Same Manufacturer?

Once you have your cubicle and office layout picked out, you will need the appropriate office chairs and additional storage space furniture. There are a lot of options available to match the look of your office.

  • Chairs - From lounge chairs, to desk chairs, to stacking chairs for your conference room, there are a wide variety of ergonomic and modern design to dress up your office space. For a desk chair that is comfortable and ergonomic, check out the Aeron Chair.  For the spaces where you greet customers and visitors or for the area where your employees collaborate, check out lounge furniture design in the Striad and Plex lines. 
  • Storage Furniture - There are several lines of file cabinets, media cabinets, and other shelving.  Check out the Eames line for multipurpose storage units. The Tu line has file cabinets and book shelves.  For an architectural look, check out the Meridian line of storage solutions. 
  • Plugs and Electrical Connectors - You can easily find additional replacement plugs and electrical connectors for your Herman Miller office spaces. You can also choose hardware for mounting monitors that can change position for sitting, standing, and any other comfortable position for performing work. 

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