Headlights for Chevrolet Lumina

Headlights come in many styles and configurations depending on when your Chevrolet Lumina was made. Headlight bulbs can burn out and the assemblies can become worn or broken in minor accidents, but replacing them is not a complicated task. With a large selection to choose from, you can find headlights and bulbs that fit your Lumina.

How do you find the right headlights for your Lumina?

You can see your owner’s manual for the OEM replacement bulbs or headlight assemblies that are intended for your car. Alternatively, you can search based on your model year and find a selection of both OEM and aftermarket headlights. Just make sure that whatever you choose specifically states that it is compatible with your model year.

What type of headlight bulbs are there?

The two most common headlight bulbs for the Chevy Lumina are halogen and HID bulbs.

  • Halogen bulbs: These are the standard bulbs in most headlights and use a tungsten filament. They are usually filled with a gas like iodine, bromine, or a mixture of nitrogen and argon.
  • HID bulbs: These are a type of bulb that works like neon lights, using two electrodes with xenon gas between them that glows brightly when electrified. These bulbs produce a blue-white light and are long lasting because they have no filament to burn out.
How do you replace Chevrolet Lumina headlights?

Headlight assemblies are usually fastened to the frame of your Chevy with two or more bolts. A set of socket ratchets or wrenches is the most convenient tool for the job. A Phillips screwdriver may also come in handy.

The exact steps may differ depending on model of your Chevrolet Lumina. The following instructions are written for 1990-1994 Luminas.

  1. Lift the hood up and observe the bolts on top of the bracket over the headlight. There may be a flap behind the bracket that can be lifted to access the bulbs on the backside of the headlight assembly.
  2. Remove the headlight bulb by twisting it and pulling it out of the headlight. If you need to replace it, it detaches from the wiring and a new bulb can be snapped in the empty socket.
  3. Remove the bolts holding the headlight to its bracket using the correct socket size.
  4. Pull out the headlight gently, taking care to remove the bulbs beforehand.
  5. Reverse the steps used to remove the old headlight to install a new headlight cover assembly in your vehicle.