Harmony Kingdom Collectibles

Harmony Kingdom Collectibles

Harmony Kingdom Collectibles are miniature works of art that range in size from 2 to 6 inches. The figurines are small boxes sculpted to showcase different themes, storylines, and artists work. Harmony Kingdom art pieces depict animals, people, and locations.

Where did Harmony Kingdom Collectibles come from?

The Harmony Kingdom was started by United Kingdom-based artist Martin Perry in 1989. Following the companys subsequent success, he asked other artisans to join the enterprise in 1994. The company, then known as Harmony Ball Company, began producing boxes to hold Harmony Ball Company’s craftwork. In 1995, the boxes were collected under the new company umbrella of Harmony Kingdom. These boxes designs feature creatures, florals, storylines, and inside jokes from the creative minds behind the work.

Where are the pieces in the Harmony Collection created?

Harmony Kingdom began crafting their artwork in the town of Cotswold in the United Kingdom, under the hand of one artist. The works are now crafted through a group of artisans in the United Kingdom and China, and these crafts are sold throughout the world.

What are some of Harmony Kingdoms collections?

Harmony Kingdom collectibles have featured a large number of themes. A sampling of the categories of box figurines available from Harmony Kingdom include the following:

  • Disney: This collection celebrates the characters of classic Disney narratives.
  • Garden Party: This set features Treasure Jest creatures.
  • Jardinia: These boxes feature flora and fauna.
  • Lord Byron’s Harmony Garden: Many pieces feature an exterior celebrating the garden and an interior depicting the story line of Lord Byrons quest for love. There’s often a little ladybug inside, too.
  • Picturesque: Marble resin tile figurines have secrets hidden within the tile.
  • Pot Bellies: This set features images of animals.
  • Roly Polies: These are round box figures celebrating holidays and famous people.
  • Treasure Jests: These box figurines are fashioned after an assortment of loveable characters.
Do Harmony Kingdom boxes have storylines?

Each box may be treasured individually or taken as part of a narrative. These storylines and hidden messages also include such works as:

  • Harmony Kingdom Ark Teapot Ceramic Limited Edition
  • Harmony Kingdom Nip Tuck Black Box Elephant on Botox Plastic Surgery
  • Tile Harmony Kingdom Noahs Park Picturesque Mark of the Beast
  • Adam Binder Editions Tiger Salamander Netsuke Bling Eyes Figurine
  • Harmony Kingdom Holding Court Water Globe Crushed Marble/Glass Shark
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