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HP Screen/Display

Freshen Up Your HP Laptop With Monitor Screen Replacement Parts

Laptop screens sometimes break down over time due to normal wear and tear. Fortunately, there are a wide range of display replacement parts available. The availability of those parts depends on the model of your HP device.

What are the steps for replacing an HP laptop display?

All it takes to perform an LCD screen replacement on your HP laptop is a small flathead or Phillips screwdriver and moderate mechanical ability. Before servicing the screen, remember to turn of the device, disconnect the power cord, and remove the battery. Replacing laptop screens includes three general steps:

  • Order the display: Use the service tag information to order the correct LCD component.
  • Remove the screws: Normally, four to six rubber or plastic screws hold the laptop screen in place. Some HP models have small covers that you must remove before taking out the screws. Remember to hold the screen in place while disassembling your laptop.
  • Replace the old display: Remove the bezel, which is the thin plastic edge surrounding the screen. Gently pull the monitor out of the laptop. If the monitor is difficult to remove, make sure that you have removed all the screws before continuing. Once you have removed the display, disconnect the wiring harness, and reverse the process with the new LCD screen.
What do the items on the HP service tag mean?

The “Product” line tells you the line of your computer, such as HP Pavilion, and the “Serial” is a unique number that identifies your device, much like a fingerprint. The “P/N” is the part number reference that correlates with the manufacturer’s database to identify parts that work with your computer. Some laptops also have a “Model” line, or an alphanumeric designation used to find things such as HP support documents and software drivers.

Why is the screen dim and hard to see?

Laptop screens incorporate a backlight that makes it easier to view the LCD display. Sometimes, a damaged latch may cause the backlight to malfunction. If the latch is stuck in the off position, the backlight will not turn on when you open your device. It is also possible that the tiny backlight switch located near the laptop hinge has failed and requires replacement.

Why is the display flickering?

A broken inverter is the most likely cause of a flickering screen. The component provides power for the display backlight. If the screen worsens and displays a solid white image, the cable between your monitor and the motherboard may have come dislodged. If the cable is connected properly, it may be worn or damaged and require replacement.

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