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Hilton Grand Vacations Club, or HGVC, is a global brand that offers 57 resorts and 3,750 hotels. Before you purchase a Hilton Grand membership, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

What are some features of a Hilton timeshare?

Buying a Hilton Grand timeshare allows you to stay in all 57 HGVC resorts for any number of days in a week. You also receive a deed as an owner of the timeshare.

How do you choose a Hilton Grand home resort?

While Hilton provides access to 57 resorts, a membership allows you to choose a home resort. HGVC grants you special priority when making reservations at that location. Once you have selected the resort you want, you may decide whether you want a floating or a fixed week. A floating HGVC week provides the flexibility of choosing one of the many weeks within a vacation season. A fixed week, however, means that your vacation week will fall on the same time every year.

Should you buy a new timeshare or a timeshare resale?

Hilton does not have any restrictions as to how you can use the resorts as a regular member when you buy a timeshare resale. However, a new timeshare purchase may qualify you as an elite member. Additionally, a new Hilton Grand timeshare comes with one-time-use bonus points as a reward for signing up.

How many Hilton Grand Vacations Club points can you earn?

The number of points you earn depends on the week you have selected to visit the resort, the type of residence, and the season for the vacation. HGVC offers different seasons to their vacation Club members: silver, bronze, platinum, gold, and platinum plus, which provide various services at every resort.

How can you use your HGVC points?

Hilton Grand Vacations Club members can use the points to select a different type of residence or different resort location. The points also allow members to pick individual days of the week for their vacation.

If you have not exhausted all your Hilton Grand points, you can save them for use during your next vacation. The points you save can be used at your home Hilton Grand resort or at another location. They may also grant you travel perks such as RV trips, cruises, and airfare, among other benefits.

What can you do to earn more HGVC points?

Hilton Grand Vacations Club allows members to borrow and use points from their next year of vacation. Members can also convert them into Hilton Honors reward points, which are redeemable when you are staying at any of Hilton's 3,750 hotels.

What happens if you want to stay at another resort?

You can deposit your HGVC timeshare week with the RCI exchange company. RCI offers more than 4,000 resorts you can exchange your timeshare with.