HD-SDI Video Production Monitors

Display SDI Input in Impressive Clarity With an HD SDI Monitor

An HD SDI monitor easily accepts SDI input from digital cameras, allowing you to view pictures and videos as you shoot them. With HD capabilities, these monitors provide a high-quality image that shows crisp details and clean lines. There is a wide variety of HD SDI monitors on eBay, ranging from small portable ones for amateur videographers to huge models for professional settings, and you can find one that fits your unique needs.

How do you shop for HD SDI monitors?

To find the appropriate monitor for your needs on eBay, consider these important factors before picking your broadcast monitor:

  • Size: Pick the right shape for you. A 7-inch SDI monitor is nice and portable while a 26-inch provides a wide viewing area.
  • Input/output capabilities: All SDI monitors will be capable of handling SDI input, but you may need to look for ones that also have HDMI or VGA capabilities depending on what sort of equipment you already use.
  • Resolution: Any monitor over 720p counts as high res, but some may go even higher.
What's the difference between OLED, CRT, and LCD monitors?

HD SDI monitors come in OLED, CRT, and LCD styles. OLED stands for organic light emitting diode, and it is a monitor style that results in very detailed whites and deep black shades. LCD means liquid crystal display, and LCD monitors are brighter and do a good job of maintaining color saturation even in very bright shots. CRT monitors are cathode ray tube monitors used in older models, but they still provide excellent color rendering and have the ability to scale to different resolutions.

What are some features to look for on SDI monitors?

Different brands of HD SDI monitor have different features. Here are a few of the many helpful things you can find when shopping for SDI displays.

  • Glare resistance: Look for monitors with either anti-glare coatings or a sun shade hood to reduce reflections.
  • 4K support: Depending on what sort of cameras you shoot with, you may want a monitor that supports 4K SDI monitor input.
  • Angle adjustment: Pan and tilt functions allow you to move the screen to the most comfortable viewing angle.
  • Extra protection: Special coatings for the screens and casings for the monitor's housing can help to make it durable and break-resistant.
  • Multiple monitors: If you are running multiple cameras at once, consider a monitor rack that can display more than one feed at a time.